Richard Cheneys Pacemaker, in a bid to save all mankind…

Attempted to quit today. He’s in the hospital. I know, I know, morgue would be better, but that’ll happen eventually.
According to a legend which I just made up on the spot, he actually had been taken to the morgue quite a few times over his Misspent Voyage in this Vale of Tears. He couldn’t talk his way out of it, people wouldn’t believe him when he said he was still alive. So he hired a doctor and attorney to accompany him everywhere, bars, whorehouses, opium dens, Baby-eating parties… and convince people that he was still alive.

Between his uncanny Zombie-like appearance and his penchant for dishonesty, people would simply disbelieve him each time he said he wasn’t dead.

1 thought on “Richard Cheneys Pacemaker, in a bid to save all mankind…

  1. AvatarBrother Jonah

    Well, the medics say it was a “mild” heart attack. Myocardial Infarction. The Preacher side of Jonah says it’s God calling him to repentance for his evil deeds.

    The smart-ass hateful side of me says it’s Satan calling him home.

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