Rick GoodHair Perry says Texas ‘doing all they can”

On Pollution. Bullshit. They haven’t made access to Public Transportation mandatory.
In Tarrant County the only towns served by light rail are Ft Worth, Richland Hills and Hurst. The Richland Hills and Hurst stations are really across the line in Ft Worth City limits, Bell Helicopter, of all corporations, insisted on it as a reliable way to get their employees to work on time. A NeoCon war-industry corporation.
Ft Worth and Lake Worth are the only two towns served by Bus Lines. Lake Worth because the Former Carswell AFB, now the “Joint Reserve Station” and the Federal Women’s Penitentiary Hospital Unit, demanded it.

Arlington, with 300,000 residents, Hurst, Bedford, Euless, Southlake, Keller,Haltom City, North Richland Hills, Burleson.. 41 municipalities in total, No Bus Service. And WHY, exactly? Because, according to the cities between Ft Worth and Dallas County Line… Republican strongholds… Bus Service would attract poor people. And they say LIBERALS are Elitists.

in the corridor between I-20 and I-30 (and Grapevine Highway and Airport Freeway) the Ozone levels are so high that on warm days, schoolchildren aren’t allowed outside. Too dangerous. This has been going on at an increasingly dangerous level for the better part of 30 years. That’s when the Ozone (smog) levels got to the point where the Texas government decided it was unhealthy.
But, because of their fear of the Poor (Translation from Not-very-Sophisticated Racism into Regular English, Blacks and Mexicans) and the influence of the Fossil Fuels lobbyists, inflaming the Racist beliefs that somehow, driving one person in a car made for six equals “liberty”… the Racists are willing to sacrifice their own children as well as those of the “poor”.

Drive through the Permian Basin, between Abilene and Pecos, Midland-Odessa and of course, Crawford, the oil wells and refineries are more the problem, it’s not the Ozone there… (Ozone is oxygen with it’s electron count rearranged through the heat of combustion, stand next to a welding rig sometime to get a sense of what pure Ozone smells like) …an isotope of Oxygen that isn’t Toxic, it just can’t be used by the bodies of oxygen breathing carbon based life forms… like, every life form on the whole planet.

No, in the Permian Basin the problem is Methane, which is like Carbon Monoide with extra carbon. Some plants can breathe methane. Most lifetimes don’t. The stench alone will gag a maggot. You’ll be smelling it all the way through the Basin. Driving, of course. Because there’s no public transportation there either.

Houston, now, there’s a huge problem.
Because they have ALL of the above.

Add in the coal plants putting Sulfuric Acid into the air, in the form of sulfur dioxide gas which when it mixes with water vapor, becomes Battery Acid. This is a chemical that eats into GLASS, it’s used to create etchings in glass. How much more resistant to this corrosive is glass than, say, Human Soft Tissue like might be found in your lungs?

But, hey, according to these “conservatives” like Rick GoodHair, Texas is doing all it can to address the problem.

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