Right Wing Celebrating two more American Deaths.

Melanie Shouse, a MoveOn Council leader in St. Louis, passed away from breast cancer while still fighting her insurance company for chemotherapy coverage.

While the Tea Party were forcing Congress to dick-the-dog on actual REAL non-privatized Health Care. They’ll rejoice that they “got rid of” another voice testifying to the truth that would counter their LIES.
And, in the spirit of the Bu’ush Regime celebrating the “accidental” death of Anti-War Senator Paul Wellstone, and could scarce contain their glee at the death of Senator Ted Kennedy.. now they get to grave dance for Representative Murtha, another one who stood up and told the TRUTH about Chicken(Hawk) George and the lies he told to start the massive Torture and Babykilling enterprise known as “Operation Iraqi Give Us Your Oilfields Or Die”

I’m sure some of the Tea Party and Republican and other fascist spokesfreaks will object to this, being the hypocrites they truly are. At least they’re consistent in being liars and cowards.

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