Safest possible coal mine, in New Zealand…explodes

Not hyperbole. 27 miners are still unaccounted.

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    29 dead. AND… a fourth explosion sometime in the last hour or so. It gets to be a blur, you know, and i missed the third explosion somewhere in there.
    An AMERICAN coal mine, like one run by Massey, the site foreman would get a personal call from Don Blankenship with the words “do it” to tell him to trigger some massive explosions to destroy evidence.

    Isn’t it wonderful that we can trust our Corporate Government so much that assholes like Don Blankenship can simply tell the government “regulators” to F.O.A.D. and then have their mouthpieces in the Teabags bitch about “too much regulation”.

    Wonder how much faith the New Zealand miners can place in their owners. Or if their bosses are an auxiliary, an ancillary or a subsidiary of British Petroleum.

    And what level of (not collusion, of course, just coincidence) and percentage of the top, say, 5% of the investors of one company own stock in every other. Massey, Exxon-Mobil, BP, Halliburton, Pike River Coal Ltd…

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