Sarah Calls for Revolution, you know what that means…

It means several things.

  • first it means that she’s delusional because
    she’s counting on the ChickenHawks to back her play on this
    It means she’s got the insane notion that all they’ll have to do is show us their guns and we’ll back down and beg them to lead us.
    Because they ain’t going to do a Damned thing unless they’re sure they won’t get hurt doing it.
    It means, importantly, that they don’t believe they have enough votes to win an election.
    For all their head-running about how they’re the majority, they know it ain’t so.
    It means she’s willing to have other Americans, doing her fighting for her, kill still Other Americans.
    Much like the Mechanical Drones she supports sending to Pakistan and anywhere else.
    That’s the same way she feels about the Human Drones, including her own son.
    It’s not HER life at stake, so it’s OK with her. And her Demented Disciples feel the same way.
    That’s their downfall, if they had the guts to fight, personally, for the power and money they want to steal…
    They’d be over in Iraq themselves right now. But they don’t have the guts, so they depend on Others to do it for them.
  • Typical Republican “courage”.

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    Brother Jonah

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