Sarah Palin a rotten mother

She parades her youngest son around, the kid she gets subsidized health care for, unlike, say, kids with similar disabilities, born instead to poor parents , in states, unlike Alaska, without Socialized Medicine and without an annual check just for being a resident.
She uses him as a prop to push her agenda, actually the agenda of Corporations for whom she’s merely a SpokesWhore. Corporations which will refuse to allow such children to live. Much the way she, and others in her TeaBag Party and their Corporate sponsor the Republican Party, say they would have taken up a collection to pay the in perpetuity Medical Bills for Terri Schiavo. But, of course, deny life prolonging medical care for anybody Who Doesn’t Happen To Be A “Token” Handicapped For Their Agenda
Which is what the TeaBags have been screaming long and loud to keep as the Law of the Land for the past year.

Tea Party Agenda:

Disabled? F.O.A.D.
No insurance? F.O.A.D.
Have insurance but Insurance Corporate Death Panels decide not to cover you? F.O.A.D.

I know I’m not supposed to expose Republican and TeaBag hypocrisy without also attacking Democrats. Too bad. Want a pretense of Fair and Balanced, slide on over to the Fox News Website or some other Corporate Mouthpieces.

The Republican TeaBags have been out screaming that people like ME should just F.O.A.D., People like Martha, people like Tony, people like Miss Johnnie, and not a single one of the TeaBags is actually a Democrat. The D’s might have their unfair share of Hypocrites, but then, they’ve got people like ME as well. The Republicans and TeaBags can’t say that and don’t even want to say that.

The TeaBags stand around with guns loudly proclaiming that they have a legal Constitutional Right and duty to Kill people who are “enemies of the Constitution” and the “enemies of the Constitution” as defined by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, includes Anybody who speaks against the TeaBag agenda.

The only reason they haven’t shot or hanged more Americans, (and the Beck and Palin worship Cult of the Fox HAVE killed Americans in several high profile attacks, including at least two In CHURCHES and the hanging of Bill Sparkman in a remote cemetery, and the killings of the Flores family especially the 9 year old American CHILD) is because their Cowardice matches their Hypocrisy in intensity.

Oh, and they weren’t sincere in their offers to care for Terri Schiavo either. They lie so frequently, though, that some of them actually believe their own lies.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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7 Responses to Sarah Palin a rotten mother

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Take your pills for paranoid delusions, Jonah. You are mentally imbalanced, Dude, and I sincerely do not want you to just Fall Over and Die.

    ‘I know I’m not supposed to expose Republican and TeaBag hypocrisy without also attacking Democrats. Too bad. Want a pretense of Fair and Balanced, slide on over to the Fox News Website or some other Corporate Mouthpieces.

    The Republican TeaBags have been out screaming that people like ME should just F.O.A.D., People like Martha, people like Tony, people like Miss Johnnie, and not a single one of the TeaBags is actually a Democrat.’

  2. Translated into RealSpeak, Tony plays the ‘Crazy Drug Addict” card.
    Dude, I expected better from you.

  3. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Your psychotic persecutions DO need some sort of therapy or other, Jonah. Meds or otherwise? I call it paranoid delusions that you constantly express out about people trying to kill you, torture you, hang you, burn you, and so on ad infinitum, but it really is more like a form of hysteria on your part. You are a guy who constantly screams out hysterically (comically, too)….

    “Rape! Rape! Rape! …They’re trying to Rape Me! Vote Democratic!’

    In fact, NMT has always had this sort of hysteria in its commentaries inside Eric’s corrral of male radical hysteric rodeo clowns, including himself. I can’t but not forget when MC was here screaming and foaming at the mouth, too…

    ‘NAZI! NAZI! NAZI!’ every two seconds….

    And I remember when Eric and I had antiwar signs outside of a Sarah Palin rally together. I had to try to give him an injection of Ativan to calm him down, since he went into hysterics screaming at and foaming at the mouth, as her fan club passed us by in their lengthy illiterate line going in to see the dull show. I worried that he might have a heart attack and did not want to do CPR to then try to revive him from his apparent attack of the screaming rabies.

    Eric, you really do define hysteria in the morally upset male cultural radical type. You wrote the book on it in fact, and Jonah here merely is following your lead in your hizzy fit approach to political writing nonsense you always exemplify.

  4. Avatar Eric says:

    You were warned Tony, about plastering the comments with the same repeated inanities. You will be treated like any troll.

    Say something inventive, hopefully true, and you’ll be entirely welcome. This continuous accusation of NMT being closet Obama supporters just gets OLD.

  5. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    The New and improved Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, is now ready to run against that BP oil and Afghan blood stained donkey Democrat in 2012. And guess what? It’s claimed that she is a Native American, too!

    That must be news that has the Democratic Party liberals of Colorado Springs, like those found here on NMT, shitting in their britches. They put all their eggs in one basket and nothing has hatched. Nothing at all. Can it be that the Democratic Party leadership is once again getting ready to turn the country back over to a new batch of Republicans they will have helped put back into the White House?

    That would be quite an accomplishment considering how angry and upset the general public is over the way things are going, but… the Democratic Party is just that good at running the train straight backwards into its own crowd. Sick, but true.

    Nikki Haley Governor in 2010 can be just the first step of Nikki Haley, Republican tea bagger lady in the White House 2012. Thanks, Obama. … from the corporate world to you.

  6. Look, I know it upsets you that I don’t join in with the HateObamaExpress to the point that I would consort with, on every level of the word, the TeaBags, Republicans, and other Klan related groups. I’m supposed to condemn Obama even on those occasions when he does something right, or at least a watered down version thereof like the Offshore Moratorium.

    Perhaps it’s that willingness for people to condemn him for everything, even and especially things that happened before he was even born (In Hawaii, United States) to the point that they would oppose Health Care Reform, and of course any actions taken against the Corporate Oligarchy, simply because one of the 70 MILLION people who supported it to the tune of voting down or hoping to vote down the Hate Regime face of that corporate oligarchy, happens to be Barack Obama.

    If I point out that Silly Sarah, as a face of that oligarchy. also pals around with, is a fellow traveller of, Hate Freak Racists like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and the rest of the Sorry Scurvy Crew at Fox News, who are in turn too cowardly to openly state that the reason THEY hate Barack Obama is his skin tone. Or rather, admit that calling him “Barack the Magic Negro” and “Halfrican American” has anything to do with his race, then I’m condemned for what reason exactly?

    That I don’t universally condemn everything the 70 MILLION Americans voted for, simply by not universally condemning Barack Obama.

    Tony, I’m reasonably certain that you aren’t a racist. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother to reply, at least most of the time.

    But the TeaBags and the Republicans ARE. Blatantly so, with hardly a veneer of apology or denial. For me to backtrack on criticism of that Very Important Facet of their joined-at-the-hip party and become, in effect, their fellow traveller, no sir.

    They further offend me as a Christian with their not-very-quietly saying that Mr Obama, by virtue of his father’s skin tone, must be the AntiChrist, and that “black” churches can’t actually be called either Christian or American. (Victoria something-or-other, Jackson perhaps, I’d have to look it up, said that about Rev Jeremiah Wright, and every other black Christian in America)
    Nor can I neglect that they hate “liberals” in large part because of our opposition to the wars Their Heroes started for the purpose of putting more money and power into the hands of their corporate masters.

    That includes them hating YOU, Tony.
    I don’t know the reasons you choose to stand shoulder to shoulder with people who so blatantly hate you, or me, or Eric, Patty, Marie…

    I just don’t choose to stand with them on anything. Especially not their very thinly veiled racism.

    Meanwhile, Silly Sarah is having her Fanatic Freak Followers send death threats against a journalist who is writing a book critical of her and moved in next door to her. She even had the Wasilla Police Dept use their Official Powers, powers over which she has had no official overview for quite a long time now, to threaten the man.

    This is very definitely something that I do have a duty to oppose. Especially since she is the apparently Chosen Representative of the Corporate Oligarchy who hope to win a massive victory in the mid-term election, enough to shore up their Corporate Dictatorship to the point that it WOULD be futile to oppose it.

  7. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Look, Jonah, I don’t like the Republicans either. I don’t like especially the Christian Right Wing. I don’t like the racism that runs rampant in many of these Far Right people. We have all that in common, you , I, Eric, and Marie. That’s simply is not the issue. So if thats not the issue, what is it then?

    The simple reason I have for being upset with Democratic Party liberals is that their (your) strategy of voting for the Democrats all the time never has worked, never will work, and never can work. It is a strategy for always returning the Far Right back into power, and even when they are out the Democratic Party hierarchy is usually carrying out most similar policies to those of the Republican Party itself. It’s a strategy whose proponents constantly claim how pragmatic it is, but a strategy that never, ever works! That’s the issue.

    It really is as simple as that, Jonah. However I have found that Democratic Party tied people will do anything and everything to cloud over this basic reality and will just keep doing over and over the same self defeating things that they do…. over and over and over again.

    If you try to discuss the issues, they will call the cops on you, run you off the blog, group, or whatever they might control, and they will talk the worst about you that they can come up with, including outright shunning you like they were a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses with a member who is no longer participating in the way the Church demands. They will censor you form being able to speak out against the Democratic Party that they (you) are always trying so desperately to defend against charges that they are doing about the same things Republicans would do. That is the issue. The strategy of voting DP only brings you Republicans-lite and then it’s back for another round of the Republicans harsh!

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