Score so far: Citizens groups taking action on “spill” BP standing around with thumbs up.. noses

The containment box proved to be a massive (literally) FAIL. One really different approach, using hair. No, seriously, the same principle where in northern spills, like the Exxon Valdez uncompensated Coprorate Screw-up, the local mammals would have oil caught on their fur, try to clean it off using the only tool they normally use to clean their fur, their tongues, and get it internally. Oils cling to hairs and feathers. It’s an integral part of how mammals and birds maintain that “warm blooded” status. Of course, I’ll explain why that’s deadly to them later, but a Non-Profit ad-hoc grass roots organization called Matter of Trust, organized through Facebook and the idea was from a Hairdresser. is collecting donated hair, fur, wool, feathers, stuffing them in gi-normous nylon tubes to soak up oil.

Is it going to be way too little, way too late? probably. BP has of course once again failed. Isn’t all their Wonderfully Tax-Deductible, Government Subsidized Safety Technology just peachy-keen?

Oh, the reason oil is toxic. It’s not, in and of itself. What it does however, is act as a laxative. So it doesn’t kill the critters Quick and Merciful. It usually takes a few days.

At the turn of the 91th /slash/20th century, it was sold as a patent medicine for laxative purposes.Yeah. People really did stuff like that. I saw a poster made from an a drug-company ad from 1890, touting Tapeworm eggs as a weight loss solution.

Not mocking the people as stupid, because Modern pharmacology just makes more Refined poisons

Back to the title, BP has their collective thumb stuck up their collective Left Nostril all the way to the wrist. Now, THEY get a full dose of mocking. Mostly because I feel like it but also because they really deserve it.

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