Sexually Violent Predator Alert!

Michelle MalkinThis one is more dangerous because she’s backed by former and even obviously some current Federal Officials. She moved to our Village a couple of years ago. Her latest actual murder was that of Briseña ( fixed the spelling) Flores, age 9 of Arivaca AZ. Murdered for being Hispanic. She was an accessory before and after the fact of the murder of young Briseña and her father, inciting such violence with her hate speech, subsidized by Fox News and other Republican propaganda outlets.

The Violent Sexual Assaults she similarly incites are committed by agents of the United States Government against prisoners who are unlawfully held without charges. It goes by another name, no less heinous, Torture. Which is an inherently sexual crime.

The fact that the victims are bound and helpless only adds to the eroticism these Perverts gain from inflicting pain on other human beings.

The only photoshopping on that was to redden the eyes and put fangs in. Congratulations to Ms Malkin obliged by actually screaming out her hatred and violent intent on camera.

This person or any of her accomplices are dangerous and should be forbidden contact with children, elderly people, disabled people, (anybody who is helpless)

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