Six year-old on No-Fly List, 86 year-old granny tased in bed. Some “Freedom.”

Detentions without trials, evidence, warrants,… just the faceless and nameless assertion of some Torture Freak Pervert in the State Department or Homeland Security. Doesn’t matter about National Sovereignty since the only National Sovereignty the Torture Freaks recognize is their own. Not the sovereignty of the American People either, just the nameless and faceless pukes who are too cowardly to put their names behind their actions in DHS and FBI and CIA and State Department and Department of “defense”.

Like the anonymous Coward Pukes who direct the Predator Drones.

But this is the “Freedom” we’re exporting to the entire world. The “Freedom” to bow before our corporate masters, people here and people abroad alike, are to bow to the so-called “free” market and their enforcers.

If we don’t bow to the Military-Facist-Police State stormtroopers they’re entitled to use any level of force they deem necessary to force compliance. Some “Freedom”. Petraeus is vowing to continue exporting that “Freedom” and jamming it down the throats of the people of Afghanistan, at gunpoint, for years, decades, generations to come. Mighty “White” of him.

The 6 year old girl is named Alyssa Thomas. It’s so absurd even Fox News is OUTRAGED! about it. They weren’t similarly OUTRAGED against the Flying Imams being denied the right to travel, or the two cases of the Flying Rabbis who made international news for praying, in Hebrew, on flights.

If this signals a change of heart on their part, and they’re willing to apologize for their almost two decades of Racist slanted “journalism” that directly contributed to the current situation, and perhaps make amends in some way… Then that would be a case of Good On Them.

I don’t think that will happen, by the way. They’ll spin away any connection they had with the No-Fly List, the so-called “Patriot” Act, any War Crimes they encouraged in the Global War On Civilization, crimes they encouraged in One-man Militia (or even bigger militia like the Minutemen) like the murder of Briseña Flores committed under the influence of Fox and Friends anti-American Hate Speech, the murders at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville Tennessee, again at their urging but they’ll deny it to the hilt… unless they can find some way to spin pointing a shotgun at children in church to be a “good” thing…

They spin so much their name should be Dreedle News.

But, gentle readers, and even the paid-to-troll readers, remember these incidents when they’re exhorting us to exalt the “Heroes” who are spreading that “Freedom” globally. Remember that it’s “Freedom” to lick the boots of the Conquering Crusaders or DIE! (or be sent to the Torture Chambers)

Or like the very elderly and disabled grandmother in El Reno, Oklahoma in much pain, on oxygen and was apparently too weak to get up and offer to lick the Pigs’ Jackboots for them so they tasered her in her bed.

Jun 25, 2010 … EL RENO — Police officers here are being sued for using a Taser last December to … You gotta love the Taser happy Oklahoma Police. … Im surprised the officers didnt just empty their clips in granny and grandson

Her name is Lona Vernon, by the way. Will Fox News and their related Hate Groups like the Tea and Republican parties express a similar level of OUTRAGE! over using a torture-weapon against an elderly American woman on LIFE SUPPORT? as they showed for the very thought that Health Care could be, can be, should be, and WILL be offered to ALL Americans?

Probably about the same time they show any equivalent level of remorse about supporting the TERROR bombing raids conducted by the U.S. Military as they show for 9/11. When they recognize the many more CHILDREN being killed, one story line is that it’s retaliation for 9/11, but the CHILDREN who are killed by U.S. bullets, bombs and yes, Tasers in Afghanistan, far outnumbering the dead from 9/11, aren’t assigned an equal level of Human Value as the “Heroes” who are killed while murdering them.

The Taser-wielding Uniformed Sexual Predators who “did” Granny Vernon in her bed did it last December and Fox and Accomplices haven’t shown any remorse yet. If she had died during the violent electric rape, the Pigs would have murdered her grandson as part of the coverrup. But for the 4th of July, we’re supposed to thank them for the “Freedom” they supposedly gave us.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to Six year-old on No-Fly List, 86 year-old granny tased in bed. Some “Freedom.”

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Who’s the ‘Coward Puke’? It’s Closet Democrat Eric Verlo!

  2. Yes, censorship is simply awful. Tony, how exactly does that have relevance to the post?

    I mean, nearly as I can see (but then, I’m supposed to be a Moron, a Buffoon and a few other versions of “crazy” so what do I know?) but as nearly as I can see that’s an unprovoked rant against the owner of the blog. Could you please calm down a little?

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Look, Tony, your assertion that you only object to what gets written is the (very) occasional use of “potty mouth”, sounds much like what the defense the Torture Freak Pigs make when they’re called to task for beating, torturing, tasering or arresting people for “saying naughty words” which, by the way isn’t a crime, even though the PIGS sometimes sentence somebody to Death for doing it and execute the sentence there in the streets.

    People defended the Colorado Springs PIGS when they removed us, violently, from the parade three years ago, by saying that Elizabeth said the “eff” word to the PIG… well, in a way, she did. She called the Fascist a Fascist. The PIGS were already body-slamming and choke-holding people before she even spoke to the Fascist PIG. The “bad words” the PIGS hold to be worthy of every reaction up to and including Killing People are any version of the phrase “No, I’m not going to obey you”.

    Likewise when the Cambridge PIGS body slammed Professor Gates for saying “Yeah, tell that to YO MOMMA” the Pig-loving Back the Badge SUCKS all got on the air, practically weeping, because that bad ol’ uppity negro actually insulted the crack whores who spawned the PIGS. It is, in a more polite word, Lying.

    Most people learn before they’re allowed to advance beyond Kindergarten that you don’t hit people because you were called a Name. Apparently, PIGS are exempt from that rule. They murder people, torture people, every kind of way their gang of Uniformed Thugs has of forcing people to comply with their will, because they’re too emotionally insecure to accept people not treating them as the Masters they wish they were.

    In the case of Professor Gates, the PIGS one-offed their response from him calling THEM a name to “They called Momma a name”. While their Mommas might share some of the blame for their Darling Little Boys not being emotionally secure enough to take being called a Name or to take being disobeyed, their response and subsequent blaming of Their Mommas for their response was way beyond any boundaries of Appropriate Behavior.

    They were already, like the Colorado Springs Gestapo Department did to Eric, Elizabeth and 5 others, planning to assault Professor Gates BEFORE he said anything about Their Mommas.

    Personally, there are a few things that offend me, like somebody who is NOT superior to me in any way commanding me to obey him. Somebody who would taser an 86 year old bedridden woman. Somebody who would shoot an unarmed person in the back 8 times for the “crime” of not instantly complying with his Imperial Orders. Somebody who would shoot an 87 year old woman through her door and then claim he saw a gun. Through a Door. Like the Dallas PIGS did to Etta Collins a quarter century ago. PIGS who would fire into an apartment, killing a 7 year old child as she lays sleeping then claim it was the people in the apartments’ faults.

    So, from all that, do you think you might have gleaned a bit of insight as to exactly what my opinion of your objection to “gutter language” or “potty mouth” REALLY sounds like?

    I expect to hear that excuse from cops or their Fascist Followers. Not usually from somebody I consider a friend and a comrade. I might be wrong on that count, but on my part, that’s who I consider you to be.

    The cops and their Fascist Followers deserve far more than vulgar or gutter language being thrown their way.

    Things like large heavy objects that explode sometimes seems appropriate. They and their Gang of Uniformed Thugs should feel grateful to ONLY have gutter language thrown their way.

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