South African white supremacist gets head bashed in while followers look on

Wasn’t because of his violent racist activities, though, he was trying to cheat “his” workers and (this is important) according to his fellow supremacists who witnessed the event two of those workers, black, who had spent the summer putting money in his pocket, beat him to death.

Mind you, his fellow Supremacists were right there, so why didn’t they do anything to stop it? it was Buc-buc-buc-buc because they’re chicken. Not as “superior” as they thought themselves to be. Now his demented demonic disciples are saying that because it was a pair of BLACK workers who he tried to screw and started a fight with them, a fight he thought his Fellow Supremacists would handily win for him…. that it’s a “declaration of war” by every black PERSON in South Africa.

No, stupid racist punks, it was two people who defended themselves from your comrades when your comrades attempted to basically strong-arm rob them of their due wages. Now what are you going to do? Even when you had the “darkies” held at gunpoint and forbidden to bear arms you lost the last round of Apartheid.

Your Mighty Leader, ever so superior, picked a fight with two of the supposed untermenschen and got his head handed to him.

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Brother Jonah

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3 Responses to South African white supremacist gets head bashed in while followers look on

  1. Avatar Andre says:

    While Eugene is no daisy in paradise, I have to mention that I find this piece short of civilized.

    It tries to rationalize that murder is an okay solution for a wage dispute, simply because the dead guy us a white supremacist.

    Murder isn’t okay. Not by any sane human being’s standard, and not even by mainstream Apartheid.

    Yes, Apartheid had serious skeletons in the closet, but what is being glamorised here seems far worse.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Murder is very common in Wage disputes, especially here in the United States.
    In the vast majority of the cases, it’s the employer using the powers of the State to commit the deeds he himself is not willing to risk.
    And that’s in the cases of workers attempting to negotiate wages for future work, and being met with machine fire or at the very least, threat of Military-scale intervention against them.

    The “wage dispute” referenced here goes beyond that, it’s robbery of the livelihood of the workers and their families, enforced with threats of violence from an extremely Racist Paramilitary organization which has ruled South Africa like a nationwide Slave Plantation and is still threatening to retake that power. Over the crushed bodies of the workers, who in a country where most people are black but the vast majority of the Wealth is held by Whites.

    Wage dispute? The Coward Son-of-a-bitch was going to ROB them with threats and acts of Violence commanded by him and carried out by his Neo-Nazi followers.

    I dare say you have most likely never written any similar defenses of impoverished blacks robbing a store and getting shot down.

    What would be the difference between a lone gunman or a very small group of gunmen walking into a grocery store or bank and taking a days worth of receipts, and a much larger heavily armed, highly indoctrinated and organized Militia using MANY guns to take the entire livelihood of workers and their families?

    They would both be Armed Robbery, yes?

    The main difference would be in the severity of the loss. The shareholders of a bank or a chain of grocery stores would feel little impact from a simple robbery. Their children wouldn’t go hungry.

    On the other hand, the Coward son-of-a-whore and his Militia were robbing not only the workers directly involved of a season’s pay, they were robbing their entire nation of the right to dissent against such actions.

    If you can point, sir, to any times you have even lightly scolded FOX News for gloating over Mob actions taken against petty robbers and with, unlike this case, Blatant Racism being the primary motive for such “street justice”.

    Or any of the White Supremacist newspapers in South Africa or Zimbabwe.

    Perhaps? I really don’t believe you did.
    I could be wrong, but I would need evidence showing that I’m wrong.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And did you scold the Apartheid newspapers who called as you put it a simple “labor dispute” a Declaration of War?

    They declared WAR on every black person in South Africa and, indeed, on the entire continent based on what you say is a simple labor dispute.

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