Steele and the $2k bar tab…

And, yeah it was a strip club. But aside from the “Family Values” bullshit being shot down one more time by a high-ranking Pharisee err Republican gets caught doing some naughty stuff that involves the ess eee exx… A “conservative” spending (close to) two grand at a bar sounds kind of prodigal. I mean, it’s not as much hoot-n-holler fun as David Vitter paying a few grand to get his panties changed, or Wide-stance Larry with his Airport Tearoom routine.

But what kind of fool pays two thousand dollars on booze?

I’m not a drinker, but I learned this drinkers rule long ago. If you’re going to a bar, leave most of your money at home. If you take $20 you’ll get drunk and go home broke. If you take $200 you won’t get any drunker but you’ll still be broke.

But, he’ll have a good story to tell in church. “just last week I was a drunken fool, can I get an Amen? But then I saw The Light! it was the flash on a high priced Paparazzi camera, but that Light told me it’s time to get back to church, and repent, and do it where the Good Cameras can focus on how sincere I am about repentance!”

Two thousand on a bar bill…

Damn, bubba, if you’d given me a thousand I would have bought you a quart of Everclear, you’d have still been drunk (for a couple of days) I would be ahead a thousand dollars and so would you. I plumb reckon, though, that some folks ain’t ever going to learn.

It would have been more fun if he’d gone over to Sarah Palin’s hotel and serenaded outside her window, thrown up in the rose bushes and passed out in front of her door.

Oh, well, guess we can’t have EVERYTHING. Not all at once anyhow.

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