How to defeat Kettling

The British anarchists showed the way.
Kettling, by the way, is the full scope of the ‘free speech zone” bullshit the pigs like to publicize. “Free” speech but only in an area enclosed by a wall of police armor, clubs, tear gas, pain weapons, and of course conveniently far far away from witnesses like the so-called “free” press.
And when the “free” press actually do wander too close to the “Free’ speech zone, they’re arrested for inciting a riot.
But the Brits showed the way, last week, successfully mobbing Prince Charles’ car, frightening him and his beard Camelface. errr “bride Camilla” yeah, that’s the ticket. And the method is simple in its brilliance and brilliant in its simplicity.

Kettle the cops. Instead of one Large demonstration near the political bullshit session, aka parade, aka booksigning, aka pro-establishment rally, aka Support the Troops rally, have several dozen smaller rallying points beyond the “free” speech zone. 50 people and less than ten overturned vehicles can block any strategic intersection. Reduce the PIGS mobility the way they seek to restrict ours.
Just the threat of it being applied again would be enough for them to realize that the only way they can Kettle anybody is to lock down a whole city. A tremendous expenditure of manpower and money which they’d have to blow every time the Rich Political “leaders” poke their nasty little snouts out of their hidey-holes.
Were they politically secure enough to go ahead with a sudden cessation of political appearances, both literally as in politicians appearing in public, and the somewhat figurative “keeping up the appearance of actually having Human Political Ties between Government and Governed”?

Looks like we’re about to find out.
My humble guess is “no”.

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