Tebow Ad answered… by Gay Dating Website Ad…

When Corporate Whore “pastor” Dobson put up a million dollars of Church money and 3 million more in Tax-Deductible (not just Tax Exempt, the corporate thieves are once more doing what they do worst, getting Other Taxpayers to {those who actually PAY Taxes} to subsidize their political and corporate aims) to put up what’s really a blatant advertisement for people to send tax-free money to Dobson, they challenged Actually, TOLD Liberals to shut up about it. Only, Pastor Dobson, Mr Tebow, Mr Scarborough, We Don’t Take Orders From Your Fascist Lot, m’kay?
Or we have to spend our own money for a Super Bowl Ad. In other words, if you don’t have a corporation, and millions of dollars to spend, you don’t have a Right To Speak About It.
Even before Mornin’ Joe and company made the “challenge”/slash/STFU command the Gay dating site MancrunchDOTcom had already done so.

Now, it’s just a matter of, will the “Free Speech, Free Press” advocates at CBS allow it, or will they censor it… again, under the Order of Dobson and his Corporation, cleverly disguised as a “church”?

If I were a betting man, and in spite of being a gambler actually have cash money, I would bet that Dobson’s censors will prevail.

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Brother Jonah

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  1. CBS is censoring it. What a surprise.

    Unlike the Focus on Yer Own Damn Family CORPORATION, Mancrunch actually pays taxes on their income.

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