The Ancient Art of crashing planes into buildings.

single engine airplane“Ancient” in the sense of the Movie/TV/Video-Game induced Attention Deficit Disorder on a massive scale.. The end of the synopsis of the 1982 book by Stephen King’s Alter-Ego Richard Bachman “The Running Man”

He takes both Amelia and McCone as prisoners, and has the plane fly low over heavily populated areas to avoid being shot down by a surface-to-air missile. However, he is soon confronted by Killian on a video call, who states that he knows Richards does not have any explosive as the plane’s security system would have detected if he did. His cover blown, he is surprised when he is offered the job of lead Hunter. He is hesitant to take the job, worried that his family will become a target. Killian then informs him that his wife and daughter were brutally murdered ten days earlier, even before Richards first appeared on the show (Killian emphatically denies that the network had anything to do with the crime), and gives Richards some time to make his decision. Richards falls asleep, and dreams of his murdered family and a gruesome crime scene. With nothing left to lose, Richards overpowers the flight crew and kills McCone but is shot and mortally wounded. He allows Amelia to parachute to safety, and with his last strength, he overrides the plane’s autopilot and flies the plane into the Games Building, home of The Network. The book ends with the plane crashing into the tower, and the description, “…and it rained fire twenty blocks away.”

GoverNator Ah-nuld played the hero, Ben Richards, in a sick cinematic remix of the original book, stripped of its anti-Corporate message and starring a body builder instead of the “scrawny pre-tubercular” Ben Richards of the book.

I skipped the movie and read the book. Late, though, in 1988.

Only read it once. It’s a short book, fast paced and a fast read. It leaves a really dark impression on your soul.

But 13 years later, when the planes hit the Towers, I thought of the end of the book, the Games Network director looking out his window and seeing in his final second of his mis-spent Long Journey To Hell, Ben Richards’ face, at once dying and smiling… heading right for him.
My first thought, (and my sister had come home from work early, she was working at DFW Airport) as she woke me up and said “Joe, look at this, they crashed planes into the towers…” and she flipped on the TV to the sight… and the crawler across the bottom of the screen saying that the Inner Sanctum of the Pentagon had been hit too. (strangely, not a single person above the rank of Lt. Colonel died in the attack… in a building complex that’s top-heavy with Generals, in the command center of American Imperial Militarism, at a time when “America” was being attacked, on a Tuesday morning that wasn’t any kind of holiday.)

My first hazy thought was of the book. The ending thereof.
In the following days and weeks I wondered when the Newly Energized Police State apparatchniks were going to disappear Stephen King.

I guess not.

Now, with the publication of the Building-Crasher Manifesto that the FBI attempted to disappear from the prying eyes of the Public…

We’re gonna be on Glenn Becks Hate List.

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