The Boy Scout Camporee at Glen Eyrie

Oh, but the Westside Pioneer played it up, General Palmers Castle, (built on treaty land that still doesn’t belong to him or his heirs) the site of a Boy Scout Camporee. For those unfamiliar with Scouting, it’s the regional version of the annual Jamboree. The Jamboree will feature scout troops from all over the world. Where Scouts go to learn and teach scout skills. Same with a Camporee. And the skills the Scouts practiced last weekend? Being free labor to clean up the property of one of the richest families in Colorado.

“Oh, General Palmer would have LOVED it!” yeah, I guess so. He wasn’t reputed to be a big fan of the workers and soldiers who made his fortune for him, any more than he would have been a fan of the people he had “his” men displace in order to take their land and make it his. “He LOVED nature” except of course when it was in the way of his profits “and he LOVED children” except for the children of the aforementioned Soldiers, Laborers and the Americans he displaced in order to steal his fortune.

Face it, he was a PIG. A lying thieving low-life murderer who had Other People commit his murders for him. No wonder the Republicans look on him as some kind of saint.

The children of the workers and soldiers, he took bread from their mouths by cheating “his” workers and “his” command. And built a Castle with the proceeds. That shows beyond doubt that he believed himself to be Better Than Everybody Else. Because he had all that stolen blood money. Yeah, real superiority there. Royalist Prick.

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