The Corporate Propagandists, self-styled Evangelists of Capitalism..

They’ve taken a rather combative tone in their knee jerk Victim Mentality reaction to criticism of the Supremes giving America and the people thereof completely over to the Corporations.
First they deny that such would even be the case, and that anybody who suggests that it is has to be LYING or Crazy or Ignorant or D) all of the above.
Then they launch into a spiel about how it won’t be bad for this “non-existent” Corporate Takeover when the deals are finalized (not “if”)
And their spiel sounds a whole lot like Aldous Huxley wrote in the end of “Brave New World” where the Corporate Overlord, the Director of World Hatcheries, made almost a word-for-word and certainly concept-for-concept speech about the Corporations being the best ones to run the world because everybedy else was Inferior.

Correction, EverybOdy. Typographical error, on the Dvorak keyboard the home keys are AOEUIDHTNS- not ASDFGHKL:’
Correction necessary because a typo or other spelling error would be pounced upon as Absolute Proof of Corporate Superiority and the inherent Inferiority of any critics. God-damn predictable.
The Corporate Evangelists wouldn’t know that, however. Their Leaders forbid them to actually read Brave New World, and call it “pornography” and call Aldous Huxley “demonic”. Seriously.

And there’s something in the Corporate Mentality that makes them turn off their brains whenever criticism of their Scam arises. Like for instance every time they crash the economy of the world with their excesses.

Or, suggestions that perhaps they’re not the Ubermenschen their Masters tell them that they are.. That part always brings out the Crybaby Victim-mentality screeching tantrums.

They’re so God-Damned predictable in their responses that they seem like a brainwashed Bokanovsky Group of clones. Like they’re straight out of the book.

That’s their biggest weakness. And their only strength.

Must… Have… Uniform… Solidarity… Of … Thought…
5000 repetitions per night between ages 5 and 7.
Mandatory Re-conditioning if they slip up and start to think independently.

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