The difference between Rush having Chest Pains

And a minimum wage worker having similar pains… Rush is hospitalized under observation and extensive tests are run…
The minimum wage worker is given a quick EKG, if it doesn’t show an Immediate Myocardial Infarction in progress, he’s shown the door, basically told that he’s a “GOMER” (Get Outta My Emergency Room) and the implication is that he’s trying to scam the hospital for a free meal, the ambulance for a free ride across town or his employer for a couple of days paid sick leave. Never mind that an employer not paying more than bare minimum probably doesn’t have Paid Sick Leave anyway, he’ll have the hapless worker on his own time and at his own expense go to a Company Doctor to be checked out…
Rush, who makes a large amount of money, like, over a Billion Dollars so far, to tell LIES for the Right Wing…

Took a day off and is hailed as a hero, for going back to work the day after NOT having a heart attack.
He also is one of those who insist that at the Emergency Room, the ONLY place the uninsured Working Poor can get treatment, there’s an Equal Level of treatment between Rich and Poor.
He’s never been poor in his misspent life so how the Hell would he know?
What an extreme punk.

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2 Responses to The difference between Rush having Chest Pains

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, “no special treatment” uh-huh. If it weren’t for my sincere concern for the safety of Other People I’d say he should do some kind of work in the E.R. for a couple of days in like Dallas or Ft Worth. Maybe mopping the floors, although since he’s a non-worker I wouldn’t trust him at all even with that.

    Parkland or J.P.S. would be a really rude awakening for him, especially compared to Hawaii.

    The other patients or their worried-to-death families might not be able to resist the temptation to abuse him. I wouldn’t be able, search though I diligently do, to fault them for it.

    Wonder how long it’s going to stick before he starts bellowing… HuffPo THANKED him for making the case so eloquently. 30 years of Socialized Medicine and the quality and availability of care Went UP.

    I’ve got this routine about how they freak out about anything Socialist. It’s a visual though, a performance-art piece. I have got to make a video of it.

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