The Guffey Flying Chickens

Guffey, by the way, is a really small town west of here. Those of you who have ever done Flight Simulator games might remember this one ranch that’s technically in the “city” limits and has an airstrip. But, the Flying chickens is an annual event that benefits the Volunteer Fire Department. What they do (it was highlighted on News 5 locally) take the back off a mailbox, mount it on top of what looks like a deer stand, put a chicken in the back of it, spring the front door of the mailbox and shove the chicken out with a bathroom plunger. The chicken that flies farthest wins. What it wins or why that would make any difference to a chicken is unfathomable.

Just that the chicken wins, is all.

Conversation, upon watching this:

What are they doing?
They’re pushing a chicken out of a mailbox to make it fly.
To see how far it can fly.
No, REALLY, why are they doing that?
It’s a fundraiser for their fire department…
Man, they really need a hobby…
Well, they DO have a hobby, it’s just that it involves chickens and a bathroom plunger….

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