The Leaders of the Anti-Homeless Anti-Worker Jihad merge…

Actually never separated. They tip their hand in many ways, statements that “ungrateful” workers don’t provide enough deference (slavish boot-licking obedience) to their Wealthy Masters, who of course are “better” than the rest of us, simply evidenced by their wealth. Under that formula, King Herod was a really swell guy. and Gaius Julius Caesar II better still. (AKA Caligula) After all, Caligula and Nero provided huge opportunities for employment in the Entertainment Sector, through the gladiatorial games. Not just for the “athletes’ but also for the Poor Yet Humble Slaves who carried away the dead and wounded, and shoveled out the bloodsoaked sand and laid down new in between the games. The Roman Master Class, like the Fortune 500 executives, who according to one of our detractors sought to dictate to the City that we Hide The Homeless from view before they would consider bringing some of their Sweatshop Employment “opportunity” our way.

Which Siddharta Heuberger suggested. Would the Fortune 500 companies, top heavy with War Profiteer “defense” Contractors make such an arrogant demand? Well, their bread-and-butter is Killing, with no regard to whether the people they kill are Civilians or Combatants, Or even any regard to the age of the victims, they kill babies just as happily as they kill and torture adults.

According to her equally Siddharta Accomplice, who in one of his messages boasted of sending a 16 year old mother home with her “husband” to Nebraska to live with HIS family… (that means she was 15 when the guy knocked her up) he and Miss Siddharta Heuberger are far better than the rest of us to make such decisions on behalf of the Homeless PEOPLE than the People themselves, simply because they are Wealthy and the Homeless PEOPLE are not. With the chain of command inherent in such Wealth Worship (and the one who boasted of sending a child sex victim to the home of her abusers family says he does so in the name of Christ and typically signs off his Hate-messages with “maranatha”) the Richer one is or one’s Corporate Entity is, the more Power that person or corporation Deserves.

So naturally when one of these Very Rich Babykilling Entities comes to Colorado Springs and DEMANDS that the Homeless people be hidden away, so their Royal Personages won’t be inflicted and afflicted by the sight of the Poverty their long-standing economic rule has imposed on the Working Class we must all bow before The Imperial Rich War-Pigs and do everything we can to please them, so they can offer us more employment “opporctunity”, like cleaning the bloody sand out of their stadiums, perhaps. At slave wages.

Then, when their slave-wage policies drive their injured and therefore no longer “profitable” Corporate Slaves into bankruptcy and even homelessness, As Happened In My Case, we, the Workers are supposed to humbly hide ourselves away from the view of the Masters and their overprivileged Piglets.

Mustn’t let the children of the wealthy see the Human Damage done by their parents in the pursuit of their wealth, must we?

While we’re at it, let’s force the Workers to wear uniforms, a mandatory dress code which would identify any of the Slave Class immediately, in case one wanders into the Realm of The Wealthy, like public parks, on the public streets, no need to worry about the Public Schools because the same Wealthy Elites have decided that OUR kids don’t need education, beyond training them to Properly Show Deference to the Royal Wealthy.

Teach them to lower their eyes when addressing the Masters, apologize for daring to exist in the Rich Mans universe.

Perhaps assign the Workers a “shopping schedule” a time of the day or preferably the night when they can go to market, obtain the food and other necessities of live, with a minimal chance of Offending the Royalty with the sight of their well-deserved poverty. After all, the Wealthy are only wealthy by dint of their own diligence, therefore the Poor were just too God-Damn lazy to be born with a silver spoon, and thus earned their poverty with their Slothful Neglect, not being born into wealth.

Like the leaders of Industry, the Royal Fortune 500 wannabe dictators.

I suppose we who object to such a scenario should apologize for our Walter Mitty churlishness, daring to actually believe that we’re not the inferiors of the Ruling Class, and that OUR labor should be rewarded in equal measure to the profits Our Noble Masters make from OUR labor.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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19 Responses to The Leaders of the Anti-Homeless Anti-Worker Jihad merge…

  1. Avatar Patchsl says:

    Dear BJ;

    Would you be willing to take on an apprentice – a guy I call “Angry Allen” – homeless laid off Defense Contractor who wants a job fixing computers, or is your complete repetoire limited to writing about perceived injustices?

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Your employees earned the money you have, Siddharta.
    Just like the Slave Market that broke up my feet got 4 times as much for my labor as they paid me.

    You say you earned all your wealth, you’re a lying puke.

    Seems to be a characteriltic of you Right Wing control freaks who demand that the rest of us worship your wealth. Tazer yo Momma.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    You call a lot of people “angry” when they don’t bow down to your Alleged “superoirity” don’t you, freak?

    Do you think, perhaps, that your condescending attitude toward all of us who weren’t born with silver spoons might inspire a little bit of anger? Maybe your unwavering support for the Colorado Springs Gestapo has something to do with it too.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    For somebody who supposedly considers our efforts to block your Police State tactics you sure do seem to be obsessed with us.

    I teach computer repair routinely. Tech Support for a maximum of twenty bucks. And when I fix a computer I show the work. Teach the people. Better than you do, with your condemnation of people who aren’t expert thieves like your accomplices at Shitty Hall.

  5. Avatar Patchsl says:

    Dear BJ;

    I’ll take that as a “NO”, you won’t help any homeless person… Thanks… For nothing

  6. You must have trouble reading as well as thinking. I did mention that I teach computer repair.
    Why don’t YOU set up a shop where I can do it? It wouldn’t cost you much.
    You’d probably get a grant for it.
    Tell Allen, if he exists, to look me up.
    What did you and your PIG accomplices do to make him “angry”, punk?

  7. Why don’t YOU invest in my business? I get salvage computers and repair them, optimize them AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, but, you see, that’s limited to my very limited budget. Or, just set up a shop, where the people who’ll work there actually make more apiece off their own labor than you would.

    You’ve got connections to the funding, yes? That’s what you believe makes you “better” than others, right? There’s a non-profit you could get a huge tax-break for helping, Haven House, talk to Tim and Letha about it. I’ll do the teaching just for a shot at low priced computer parts, rather than scrounge a hard drive here, a memory stick there.

    I gotta point out, though, the only people buying used computers are Poor People. Working class.
    It probably wouldn’t interest you because there’s really not a profit margin to it. Sometimes I repair a computer just for a hot meal.

    And when I sell them a computer, I only charge like $30 at the most. Less than a day’s wage even at the slave markets. Do YOU provide that kind of opportunity?

    I didn’t think so.

    Your hypocrisy reeks. Maybe somebody who actually does give three shits about the poor and disabled in town will take me up on the deal. I can almost guarantee that it wouldn’t be you and whatever “Give Place, For I Am Holier Than Thou” church you attend or pretend to attend.

  8. Avatar Patchsl says:

    How much do you need to get started?

  9. Avatar Patchsl says:

    Do you have a work space and how many people could you employ?

  10. My workspace is also called my “bedroom” and I often have to move tools or parts out of my way just to lay down. Which I have to do when the dizziness becomes so severe that it resembles a seizure. I rent room and board from that grand half-a-grand per month Disability Payment.

    If you’re serious about starting such a training program then go through Haven House to see what can be started. As far as getting space, half of downtown is for rent., empty and near empty buildings everywhere. If the economic environment quits faltering and altogether Fails, there won’t be much point in the Anti-Camping law or any other such foolishness, history has shown that people will simply seize the empty buildings and squat.

    Another thing about Haven House, since they deal with people who are mentally ill, they follow medical privacy guidelines.

    BUT… Tim and Leta are very experienced in getting programs started. They’re also a major part of the Board of Directors.

    Knowing your previous attempts to tear down any efforts on the part of Eric (T-Shirts? WTF? you went on and on and on about t-shirts…) you’d probably find some way to mock me on this, but I’m Autistic. Which doesn’t mean mentally ill or mentally retarded, it just means I have a neurological condition that in my case largely affects my speech. I thank God that I learned to type or I’d probably not been able to communicate at all. It’s why I generally teach online.

    I’m often compared to “Rain Man” which is a movie I’ve never seen.

    It made camping very easy for me. It also makes computers very easy for me, but I don’t know how to make the two concepts work together.

    As you’ve noticed and commented, a lot of what I teach is about ideas and concepts which you consider Very Naughty.
    That reflects your own station in society more so than mine.

    I do, also, see and understand far more than you believe. Your choice of insulting Allen (it appears that to you any display of unauthorized emotion is grounds for ridicule) comes to mind.

    Which would, again, be a really good reason for any plan you have involving my cooperation to be handled through a third party who I trust. There are many who I do trust, but you’re not one. Part of that is you keep chirping about things I learned long ago to be false. I used to be a Boy Scout and was even enchanted enough to join the Air Force. I at one time would almost swear that America shat pure gold and would wonder why we’re not beloved round the world.

    Not any more, and not for a long time.

    “for nine days all the world is a wonder, then the puppy opens his eyes”

    Disillusionment is a harsh experience, and once the shades have been lifted there’s no returning.

  11. Avatar Patchsl says:

    Thanks for the refferal to Haven House…

    BTW… My friend Allan is not only angry at you and I for what he perceives as his lot in life, I think he’s angry at his mother for bringing him in to such an imperfect world.

  12. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    patchsl=Janis Heuberger

  13. Avatar patchsl says:

    Ed Billings = clueless

    So many IPs, so little time…. sure glad you collect information on the people who post here so the NMT Stasi can censor those who don’t buy the hogwash you sell…

  14. Avatar patchl says:

    I am an ignorant redneck…YEE HAW!!!!!

    I am gonna go to wes virginy and drink me some moonshine while I propose to my cow

  15. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Socialism didn’t bring down the Soviet Union. Nor did Communism. Militarism did.

    That would be out of control war spending by both NATO and the Politburo. NATO HAD a stronger base of Tribute Money coming in from “our” Imperial Possessions, but now even that’s dried up. We’re still paying bills from Ronald Reagans Imperialistic Fantasy. We’ve barely begun to pay the money, mostly borrowed, which was committed to George Bush’s “We Will Rule The World” rabid-ass fantasy.

    Did you know, patch, that Congress is investigating why the price of scrap steel is at an all-time high?
    If you lived on the edge, the disenfranchised dispossessed and disenchanted part of Society, the part you want to imprison for Public Display of Poverty, and had a large portion of your income reliant on scrap metal, you would be aware of such things.

    But the mostly Republican congress-critters who were surprised by something that’s supposedly in “their” realm, Capitalism, just weren’t paying attention. Much like they’re not paying any attention and certainly aren’t drawing ANY attention to the massive Revenue Enhancements (Service cuts and Tax hikes) that will be necessary to pay their ballooning debt to the Former Politburo and to China.

    Since there’s not nearly enough Social services which could be cut, that would mean cutting the Military Murder Machine, Subsidies to Real Estate and Energy Corporations, and the very strongly subsidized Corporate Welfare “free” market.

    Which provided the vast majority of Public Debt.

    The bonds which were floated to create the illusion that the Reagan-Bush-Bush Junior Warmongering weren’t creating a massive tax bill? Propaganda effort that backfired. For the past decade and a half those bonds have been going in large part to China as in Mainland, and Russia. As in the ones McCain pointed out, like Putin, got their jump start in political and economic power through the Politburo and the KGB.

    Meanwhile, back in the States, your Tea-Party fools are saying that Health Care would hurt Medicare and Social Security.

    Guess What? That surplus in the Social Security Trust Fund that Bush Jr started his Mad-ministration with? Gone. Sold to the treasury for worthless bonds.

    So, patch, here’s a few tips for starting out your soon to be New Life in an impoverished ex-empire. Sell your McMansion and take the equity, buy (outright, not mortgaged, if you can) a lot on that Toxic Waste Dump your Real Estate Friends , like Miss Heuberger, are selling as “homesites”. That would be Gold Hill Mesa. Kind of a misnomer, it’s not actually a “mesa” even though your developer friends have flattened the top of it. As far as consistency of the substrate of this “mesa” it would be like building your house upon the sand.

    Of course, stripping the top off of it released quite a lot of the toxic metals into the dust flying around town and into the water that majority of the rest of America drinks. Nice play there, Mr Free Marketeer.

    That roll-out grass that was planted there two summers ago, to try to keep the Poison Grit from flying off the “mesa” every time there’s a strong breeze? The first round of it died within a month. So they rolled out New Grass Mats. That grew about a foot and died. Last summer, across the creek from Gold Hill Mesa, where the poisonous runoff water wasn’t going, (water doesn’t flow any direction but Down, ol’ Mr Gravity takes over) (and in this case, Mr Gravity is NOT your friend) but last summer, the grass was cut by the parks department 5 times along the bicycle trail directly across 24 from the “gold” hill. and grew to a height of 5 feet all three times. On the “gold” hill weeds don’t even grow. And the Roll-out Grass mats, grew to about 5 inches and died.

    On the other side of the Riparian system, (I’m throwing in a few words you’ll have to look up, slow your automatic Angry Right Wing response down and give you time to think…) a lush and verdant ecosystem in the green space.

    On the “gold” hill side, virtual desert. Those stunted trees you can see from the road and you can see better from the top of “gold” hill, that’s 60 + years of unfettered growth pattern you’re seeing. If you want to see what un-poisoned trees look like after 60 years of growth, you’d have to look places which aren’t affected by the runoff from “gold” Hill.

    Further, what little stunted brush, weeds, grasses and trees that were near the creek at the foot of “Gold” Hill, and filtering SOME of the toxic runoff… were torn out in the first year of development.

    Now, when you purchase a lot from your “friends” in Real Estate, (they don’t have friends, actually, just Accomplices) don’t build a traditional house on it. The toxic waste has the consistency of sand. The houses that are being built are going to have broken foundations within 5 years.

    See, I used to do Construction before the injury that left me destitute.

    So, erect a tent instead. If you’ve got three grand left over you can buy a deluxe model Tipi. Or learn to build one and save about 2/3rd of the retail mark-up. Your Capitalist friends won’t find it in their hearts to forgive you, though.

    Wouldn’t matter because they’re not going to make it without their Capital, which isn’t being spent on Social Programs, There’s None Left and it all went to the Military Industrial Complex.

    If you had any of those much vaunted “street creds” you used to babble about, which would consist of honesty and the ability or at least willingness to stand up for yourself (as opposed to running to the Cops every time you get in a little heat, an option which won’t be available to you since you’ll be Poor, and the Cops are sworn enemies of Poor people. Seriously, they only defend the rich) you could perhaps secure a little extra food from your Tent City neighbors by watching their tents while they go out to secure the necessities of life.

    Maybe you could learn to work.. Oh, speaking of, the scrap metals prices? Seems India, (a socialist country) China (nuff said) and Russia are rebuilding their “socialist” infrastructure, they’re putting a lot of resources into things America should have developed 70 years ago, mass transit for instance.

    Subways, light rail, bus lines. I’ve got a friend named Richard, writes on the Net under the name Grypho, in Wuxi.

    He’s a technical advisor for a company that makes solar panels and electric vehicles, amongst other products.

    Technology the “free market” heavily subsidized industries in America wouldn’t invest in. And why should they, since they’ve been so heavily subsidized into making wasteful technology that relies on Oil, natural gas and Coal for more than a century now?

    Oh, and about your camp on the not-gold sand dune “Mesa”.
    At least if you bought the land outright the City and County wouldn’t be able to evict you. You could probably buy an undeveloped 1/4 acre lot for about a hundred grand.

    Without fear of eviction, all you’d have left to worry about is water, clean air to breathe and food. A few other things, but those most of all.

    Don’t piss off your in New Tent City by mentioning to them how instrumental you were in making their existence illegal.

    Calling them by your arrogant nicknames like “Angry Allan” would be a really bad habit, and one which you might consider replacing with better habits, like calling them by actual names without the insults added in.

    By the way, if Allan has met me, then I know he was not and is not Angry against me.

    Oh, and there are metals in “gold” hill, just not exactly gold. White Arsenic, mercury, chrome oxide, lead, Sodium compounds including Sodium Cyanide.

    These metals are NOT your friends.

    Since you’ve made such a spirited defense of “free” market capitalism, unrestricted and untaxed, which has left us with no enforceable regulations against poisoning your neighbors’ water supply and no money to clean the poison up, I guess you believe it’s safe and if it’s good enough for US to breathe, eat and drink, it must be good enough for you, too.

    Have a nice Hubris.

  16. Avatar virus-c says:

    Since you’ve made such a spirited defense of “free” market capitalism, unrestricted and untaxed, which has left us with no enforceable regulations against poisoning your neighbors’ water supply and no

    ????? ?????
    ??? ????
    ????? ???

  17. Avatar some stupid bastard says:

    I am an ignorant redneck…YEE HAW!!!!!

    I am gonna go to wes virginy and drink me some moonshine while I propose to my cow

  18. I see that our friend from the anti-homeless PEOPLE movement has been using MY name to post ignorant bullshit.
    This happens every time he gets high on a saturday morning.
    dude, I don’t care if you marry your cow or your cousin or your hand. (the last is more likely, your cow or your cousin would probably kick the living Hell out of you, and keep kicking you till you stop whining.
    Which would be a long time, surely. One reason is that you have a lot of Hell you pack around with you.

    I’ve known actual Satan Worshippers, and they ain’t got nothing on people who do their Evil in the name of God.
    In fact their bible boasts of that. The King James 1611 authorized Bible mentions it too.

    Oh, and the discarded clothing thrown along the creek? The ones you said Mother Teresa would weep to see? She’d weep for a different reason than the one YOU ascribed.
    Those clothes are thrown there by camp raiders, the scions of Wealthy Bigots like YOU who teach their nasty little piglets that poor people who don’t have much, don’t deserve ANYTHING.
    You say your Wealth is earned, does that mean when I was broken up putting money into the pockets of YOUR multi-billionaire Corporate Idols and then discarded, it was MY fault?

    Because that’s What You Smug Rich MOTHERFUCKERS actually DO say. Only not to my face, because apparently with Wealth comes Cowardice. And it’s what you say of every PERSON in those camps, and what YOUR Police and City Hall join you in saying.

    You took the name of Christ to be your judge, so be it. You know how to say THAT in Aramaic? It’s Amen. “maranatha” that with your Smug Hatred disguised behind Fake Christianity, punk.

  19. Avatar patchsl says:

    I got married to a cow and had the honeymoon in the barn.

    I promise to stop acting like a nazi bastard,

    My whole perspective has changed now that I got to take a shot of moonchine and then consumate my marriage to my cow.

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