The Love it or Leave it crap again.

America has freedom still, or what little is left, because of the actions of Dissidents, not Conformists.
The Army didn’t give us these freedoms, save by surrendering their claims to any authority to do otherwise. Most certainly the wars in which the Army is engaged today, and has been steadily engaged in since the “cessation of hostilities” in 1945, have all been wars of Imperialism, to stamp out freedom wherever it rears its head. Nothing more or less than being Thug Enforcers for the Corporate Owners of the American Empire.
You can’t handle Freedom of Speech, YOU can get the hell out. There’s plenty of Banana Republics in the world being propped up for the profit of their American Masters, by American Military presence.
A long list from Abu Dabi to Zanzibar and all points in between.
Your corporate masters have bankrupted America on their way to Global Dominance. That’s not in any way related to freedom and you should stop lying about it.
Your Army is currently trying to lynch Spec. Bradley Manning for doing something you’ve never considered doing, too frightened I suppose. He MANNED THE HELL UP and told the truth and brought forth Proof to back it up.
And neither Your Pentagon nor Bush nor Obama have managed to do either one.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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8 Responses to The Love it or Leave it crap again.

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Of course I’ve done it again. That won’t fit on a tee-shirt or bumper sticker. I think but not sure, that I lost the vast majority of Conformist Sucks one sentence in, where the idea percolates down to their three remaining brain cells that it’s somehow a confrontational denial of their claim to superiority.

    So be it, Amen.

  2. Avatar Angel Gomez says:

    don’t say amen you coward don’t stand under God like your special you are just as corrupt as the people you attack on a daily basis.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. How many times have I told you or any of your comrades that I would kill you or even assault you?

    That would include having somebody else do the assaults, like your comrades do by having the Cops do their fighting for them.

    When you lie in defense of killing, you break two of the commandments at one swipe. Bearing False Witness and Murder.

    When you do it in order to justify killing AND theft, such as taking whole nations and the liberties of people who do NOT belong to you, that makes the score Three, Thou shalt not Kill, Thou shalt not Steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness.

    When, as many of your comrades do, you swear on the name of God to justify it you break two more of the Big Ten AND one of them becomes Blasphemy. Thou shalt not make any image to worship it, (the money you covet) Thou shalt have no god before me. (again your money, AND militarism, which is actually a religious belief where you worship the god of forces.)

    That’s 6.

    The reason your comrades do it is coveting their neighbors lands.

    that’s 7.

    By doing so they dishonor their family names, literally not honoring their mother and their father.

    that’s 8.

    You AND your Comrade Luis same last name threatened rape along with it, a violent form of Adultery. And homosexual but that’s yet another story. Maybe you just have queer on the brain and don’t know how to deal with it.

    That’s 9.

    You do it on a Saturday, for a perfect score of 10.

    Your leaders are the ones who hide their murders thefts blasphemies behind the name of God. Tell that to George Bush and Sarah Palin, and to their tame preachers including your military chaplains who have sold their priesthoods literally to Satan with that bullshit lie about the 6th commandment not prohibiting killing, only Murder… which, of course, only THEY are anointed to decide and judge, right?

    If YOU continue to serve Blasphemers and Blaspheme on your own behalf you will never be able to judge anybody guilty of anything, according to the Laws of God.

    Your Leaders and yourself have already flushed the Constitution and every other Secular Law down the toilet.

    So what, you, who are so cowardly you threaten to beat and or kill people you think are Weak, and to have your Comrades help you do it, presume to make accusations of Cowardice and Blasphemy?

    You should be ashamed, but you’ve disconnected your Dignity and I would hope you repent, but experience has taught me that it’s only a slim chance that you will.

    Oh, and you did all this as a representative of the United States Military. That makes you a self-confessed War Criminal.

    Every bit as much as Himmler, and Hitler, and Goehring, and Goebbels, and Ernst Rohm, and Vlad Dracula, and Richard Couer-de-leon, and Erik Prince of Blackwater, and every other self proclaimed Sword of God Crusader who has destroyed the name of God and the laws of Man with your blasphemous murders and thefts.

    You should be ashamed, but you would need your dignity back before you can do that.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Also, returning to the current theme, the Love it or Leave it CRAP…

    My family has been in America since at least the time of Christ.

    If you discard the arbitrary political boundaries of the United States Corporate Empire, as your Corporate Masters do when it’s THEM crossing borders and taking over other lands (like Iraq and Afghanistan) my Tsalagi ancestors came up the Gulf Coast from Guatemala as traders for the Mayan Empire. That makes their tenure in America, which is two whole continents and nominally only the United States part is owned by your Corporate Empire… 10,000 years.

    Your Army forcibly moved about 90% off our lands in the eastern half of what’s now the U.S. but we still have some of our lands. They tried doing the same thing with our distant cousins the Seminoles and got their collective arse beat. Repeatedly. Seems the Army wanted the Seminoles to give away any of their kin and tribesmen who the Army identified as “escaped slaves”. The Seminoles told the Army to fuck themselves.

    Those are actions that aren’t so much PAST history, the implications of it go on today and, are affected by the Imperial Powers George Bush and his henchmen gave themselves.

    In order for you to libera Conquer and Enslave Iraq.

    Now how much would pay? Unless your family are Pure Hidalgo spaniards, which might be, then YOUR ancestors were done the same way.

    So what’s changed in all that time? Nada. As in “not a damn thing”.

    Still wanting to kill somebody for talking back to you?

    That’s muy aniñado and in the off chance that you don’t know any Spanish, that means Very Babyish of you.

    If YOU can’t handle freedom of speech or Civil Law YOU can leave.

    There’s plenty of Banana Republics owned by your Corporate Masters, you’d feel right at home.

  5. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    You Democrats of the Its My Tribe website are pretty funny folk. Aren’t you going to say anything about the up to a half million people that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin mobilized this past weekend in D.C.?

    The Democratic Party voters all went from telling others that mass actions meant nothing at all for the Antiwar Movement to try for, to then mobilizing mass actions to get Obomber Man elected, to now having Obomber Man mobilizing mass actions of Right Wing Republicans in the capital city! It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic…

    Say good bye to the DP in the White House once again. You Democrats are certain losers! (That includes you two, Eric and Jonah.) You can only look even semi intelligent because we live in a country where fully 1/2 the population thinks that Obomber is Muslim or they don’t know if it actually might be so??? Even then…?

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, by their count.
    Hitler got that many at Nurnberg too.

    And FOX paid for the mobilization, it’s not “grass roots” like the Corporate Sucks in the TeaBags say.

    And, yes, the TeaBags ARE a bunch of RACIST BITCHES.

    You’ve seen how they respond to what YOU wrote, eh, Tony?

    “Up to” Half a million, by their count. With months of planning, top down from their Fuhrer Sarah Palin and their Unter-Fuhrer Glenn Beck.

    70 MILLION Americans voted against their Racist Putrid Spew.

    That’s 140 times as many as their high estimate.

    But they think they’ll run people out of the country or intimidate us into silence. Sounds kind of Nazi to me.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    See, I tried to mention to you that they have a fascist agenda, racist, Religious Purity as in they only believe in Democracy if THEY are the only ones who get to vote.

    They’re trying to disenfranchise everybody who they consider “not real americans” just like these Pretend Soldiers Gomez, Gomez y Montoya said.

    Even said that I wasn’t a “real” Christian because I don’t believe God ordained their war.

    Right now they’re working on Blacks and Muslims mostly, with their Anti-Freedom Tea-Tarded movement. But they’ve already got Christians who aren’t on board with their Fascist Agenda targeted. Anybody who disagrees with their Decrees and dares to say so.

    They’re even still trying to put Obama on trial for not proving to their satisfaction that he’s American.

    I don’t have MY original Birth Certificate either. What are they going to do about THAT?

    See, I DO listen to their crap, and not just their TeaTarded position on Health Care, you know, the attitude they’ve had firmly in place for the past 30 years at least?

    The attitude that Killed Martha, and kills 120 Americans every day, the ones who HAVE insurance and are denied care anyway.

    And those of us who DON’T have insurance, we die uncounted. Like Martha did.

    They’re effectively Anti-American Mass Murdering Terrorists.

    Call them whatever you want, I’ll call them what they ARE and prove themselves to be every time they open their Racist Lying Mouths. With their screams and actions at their TeaParty rallies they show them to be Racists and Fascists, then they have the nerve to deny it? That’s every bit as much as their attitude of “Love it or leave it”, that they somehow GAVE us freedom but if we dare to use that freedom they have a right to punish us.

    Ska-roo that noise.

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Say, didn’t you say that the 9-11 TruthOut conspiracy theory couldn’t possibly be right? Yet you’re coming off with one that’s even more elaborate… Let’s circle that logic back around… How do you know that YOU aren’t being manipulated?

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