The real elephant in the economic parlor

The idolatrous worship of War. The Pentagon in specific. I’ll throw this out as a reminder to those wayward ones among my fellow Christians as to what the REAL sign of the Antichrist is, “left off the gods of his fathers and worships instead the god of Forces”. Now for the obligatory Partisan Observation, the main reason the Democratic Party hosts more Peace Activists than the R’s is because the Republicans don’t even allow the notion of Not Killing Other People For Obscene Profit to darken the doorway of their “big tent”.
They would welcome NAMBLA into their tent before letting in people who oppose Killing Children in the Name of God (But For The Sake Of Money) and don’t bow down and worship the Military in all things at all times. The real estate crash was merely the fulcrum to the lever that tore down the economy of the world. The elephantine weight of War Costs was the counterweight.
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In this way, no institution is more deeply embedded in American life or less accountable for its acts; Pentagon time exists enswathed in an almost religious glow of praise and veneration – what might once have been known as “idolatry.” Until the Pentagon is forced into our financial universe, the angry, impatient one where most Americans now live, we’re in trouble. Until candidates begin losing because angry Americans reject our perpetual wars, and the perpetual war-planning that goes with them, this sort of thinking will simply continue, no matter who the “commander in chief” is or what he thinks he’s commanding.

It’s time for Americans to stop saluting and end the Pentagon’s free ride before America’s wars kill us.

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