Road to Crusades is Paved with Waffles

Those who accuse the Left of “moral Relativism’ recognize the term. Since Bush and his friend Prince declared themselves to be Crusaders (Bush only until his Adult Handlers made him STFU about it) and Xe to be the modern Chevaliers Templars, (both words plural because the phrase isn’t English) let’s start with the Templars. They allegedly protected Christians, pilgrim and crusader alike. Yet they didn’t bark once about the Children’s Crusades. Not a single timid objection to Killing or Enslaving Christian KIDS. Nothing big about that, even adding in Abortion.. (Republicans prefer waiting til after they’re born to murder Kids, more fun that way, listening to their pleas for mercy…)

The most powerful Order of Crusader Monks in Christendom stood idly by while Christian Children were marched off to war.

They also stood by and did NOTHING when Fellow Crusader Richard Couer du Leon… King of Normandy and England. was kidnapped and held for ransom… by Fellow Crusaders… TWICE.

On to Richard, he also was an infamous War Criminal, like Bush and the whole crew at Xe. Murdered prisoners of war. Not above torturing his subjects or his enemies, neither group impressed him much.

Difference between Richard Couer du Leon and Richard Cheney, “modern Templar” is that Cheney matches his Moral Cowardice with physical cowardice. So does everybody who supports him.
waffle waffle waffle waffle and kill a few Babies on the way.

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