The Tea-Party Rationale: it’s Cheaper to allow people to die

Which ignores the really obvious Massive Budget Busting War, which we haven’t even gotten the bills yet… those bonds they floated to give the illusion that there weren’t any New Taxes to pay for the war.
Some of those bonds were issued against the Social Security Trust Fund. So much for their much-ballyhooed “concern for Seniors”.

Predator Drones cost at a minimum $10 million apiece, as of 2003 there were 55 of them deployed. (minimum figure) and the Pentagon Murder Corporations have perhaps 30 times more of them in use now. Billions to deploy, how many more billions to maintain and operate? And the Pentagon Thugs want to expand that program.

and that’s only ONE weapons system. Somehow in the course of deconstruction of Local Governments and local infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the “rebuilding” of them into Tame Slave States for the profit and pleasure of the Oil Corporations has snowballed the deficit to 10 trillion dollars. and derailed the American Economy and that of the entire world.

The same Republican loudmouths who insist that Jobs come before health care or any other part of our infrastructure, were the ones who cheerfully dismantled and destroyed the American Economy. Including and especially Jobs. They had almost complete control of the economy since the time of Ronald Reagan, thirty years, where are all the jobs THEIR Policies have created?

When one is tempted to say “fine, you think you can do it better, you try it” Remember, they’ve had THREE DECADES to prove their economic theories WRONG. And just by a bizarre co-inky-dink, throwing American jobs and American workers into the Disposable Worker Landfill. Now in their Arrogance they insist that the Disposable Workers don’t even deserve basic health care.
Ska-roo that noise.

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1 Response to The Tea-Party Rationale: it’s Cheaper to allow people to die

  1. Oh, and those bonds… there is no more Social Security surplus. Where did it go? War Bonds. To fund the Police State.

    Thundering Silence coming from the Far Right. A “cover-up” operation involved, and it’s only now coming to full light of day.

    Then there are Other Treasury Bonds.

    Bonds which are interest bearing and many, perhaps most, being held by Chinese and Russian banks. Again a Thunderous Silence booming from the Right.

    An “IOU” tax that unlike Regular Pay-as-you-go taxes have to be paid With Interest.

    The Corporations who “earn” “their” money through War and Conquest, on the Public Dime, have such massive tax breaks outright GIVEN to them, supposedly to provide more economic growth, (meaning Jobs) yet these Tax Cuts haven’t resulted in more jobs, have they?

    Are these corporations, the beneficiaries of Reaganite Largesse, (the only beneficiaries) How many of them are going to come forward, do the right thing instead of the right wing, volunteer to pay an honestly calculated tax on their Blood Money?

    Again, I’m not hearing any such suggestion from the Right.

    Apparently it’s our Duty as citizens to fight for their profit, work for their profit, and when they’re done using us either as Publicly Funded Private Enforcers or as Workers, we’re to quietly go into a corner and F.O.A.D.

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