The TeaBag threat

People who say they have an exclusive right to define the constitution of the united states, say that they further have a right and indeed a duty to KILL anybody, Americans included, who is “an enemy of the constitution” must I be Repetitive, why, yes I must, the Constitution that they’ve declared themselves to be the sole authority on defining, and the Mobs they incite chant these threats repeatedly while carrying Loaded, charged (round in chamber) firearms, that is a THREAT.

The TeaBags are led, organized and financed by the Bush-Cheney-Palin Cartel, cheered on by the CheneyBush Corporation’s Propaganda Division, Fox News and Clear Channel, and the specific threats they have made include targeting the President of the United States, any Senators or Representatives who defy Their Royal Decree that there be absolutely no Health Care, Environmental, Workplace Safety, Energy, Financial or War Powers reforms. And the broader general threat is against anybody who does not join them in condemning the Democratic Party outright.

That’s a very real threat. The mobs they incite carry and display loaded, charged firearms within range of (from our local perspective of their favorite gathering place, Acacia Park) roughly a quarter of the population of Colorado Springs.

Modern firearms have a range of about 2 miles even if they’re not precisely aimed there. Within that two mile radius are about 10 public schools, 5 private schools, 30 or more churches, each with a day care center, about 3 dozen more day care facilities, City Hall, the main Police Station, shopping centers, the City Bus terminal, and not only Acacia Park, also America The Beautiful Park, several others, hospitals, Nursing homes, the college.

Everything within this circle is a potential stopping place for a bullet discharged from Acacia Park.

Some of the Rightards have these bumper stickers and tee-shirts that say “Gun Control means hitting what you’re aiming at”. They get them from the NRA. An organization that aside from collecting dues from them, and providing propaganda for them, actually has Safety Rules. Like, don’t load your firearm until you’re ready to use it, don’t fire into crowds, (a quarter of the city population is a LARGE crowd) or for that matter at people in general, don’t point your weapon in the direction of people, which, again, would be everybody within that circle, don’t chamber a round until you’re ready to fire, keep the safety on.

How many of them actually follow the rules set by Their Own Organization? The statistics on Accidental Shootings in the United States give a fair estimate…

In 2002, there were 30,242 firearm-related deaths in the United States, including 17,108 (57%) suicides, 12,129 (40%) homicides (including 300 deaths due to legal intervention/war), and 1,005 (3%) undetermined/unintentional firearm deaths.
CDC/National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 53, No. 5, October 12, 2004, p.77.

For those with short attention spans or other reading difficulties, 300 of the 30,242 gunshot deaths in 2002, America were actually adjudicated as “self defense”
3 and a half times that were Accidental and the rest were murders and suicides.

More than 700 women every year are shot and killed as victims of domestic violence in the United States, representing 20% of all female homicide victims.
Homicide Trends in the US. Intimate homicide and Homicides by relationship and weapon type. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2002.

For those TeaBags and other Racists who insist that “Honor Killings” are only done by Muslims.
Ladies, how safe do YOU feel with both an insecure Husband and an unsecured Firearm in YOUR house?

Injuries from fierarms, non lethal…

In the United States, more than 16 cases of nonfatal, unintentional gunshot injuries occur for every unintentional shooting death; nonfatal firearm assaults outnumber gun homicides by a ratio of 4:1. In contrast, firearm suicide attempts result in death in approximately 85% of cases.

Kellermann AL and Waeckerle JF. Preventing Firearm Injuries. Ann Emerg Med July 1998; 32:77-79.

16,000 accidental gunshot wounds. 50,000 intentionally inflicted wounds.

And there’s no statistics on how many times a firearm goes off accidentally and doesn’t actually hit somebody.
I shot a bullet
into the air
it fell to earth
I know not where.

So, WHO, exactly, within that circle, isn’t threatened when the Hate-Filled TeaBags are there with their guns?

But it’s “paranoid and delusional” to think in those terms according to one of our frequent detractors.

One of the divisions of their Hatred Corporation is called the “Minutemen” and are as the name implies, always ready to start discharging their firearms at a moment’s notice. They’ve also pushed their way into getting a state law passed in a Neighboring Arizona state that will Arizona remain nameless Arizona, which effectively makes it illegal to be non-Anglo or non-white, and boast publicly that they have an angle on 11 other states for similar statutes. Including Colorado.

They’ve also demonstrated their casual disregard for human lives, even those of American Citizens, have committed several murders the most noted one being a nine-year-old girl in Arizona. Far from censuring or attempting to disband these Rogue Racists as the threat to public safety that they actually are, the police in Colorado and Arizona and Texas actually encourage them.

That’s far from harmless, and it’s not Paranoid or Delusional to point out that they’re not harmless.

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