The Tennessee Church Shooting, two years later

By the way, the Church Shooting in Tennessee took place two years ago today. Happy anniversary. The Church Shooter took aim at the CHILDREN of the church, stoned on the delusions of Grandeur and “god-like superiority” spoon-fed to him by such wonderful “christian” souls as Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Ollie North and George W.

In his Shooters Manifesto, (there always is one) he praised the profit-driven Prophets of Hate at Fox, and their divine revelation that the “Liberals” at the Church would cringe in terror, plead for his non-existent mercy as he casually strolled through their groveling midst shooting them. That IS the myth propagated by Fox News and their Jackass followers.

One of them, running for public office here in Colorado, said in the Independent that church shootings occur BECAUSE instead of “in spite” of the 2000 year old Christian tradition of Sanctuary and not carrying guns in church.

Several of the unarmed “wimpy liberals” condemned by these JACKASS Political Whores at the Unitarian Universalist church did what Fox and company consider Unthinkable… they disarmed the Mad Shooter. Two brave “liberals” stood between the Fox Hunter and the kids he was about to massacre. Why do the big brave Gun-Toting Fox Faction of the Right Wing like killing children so much?

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