The water on the Westside is brown today, again.

Part of it being the antiquated water system here, the one that was last upgraded when Truman was president.Every time there’s excavation done anywhere near the mains, some of the increasingly toxic dirt gets in.
Dirt, though, is a Farmer type word, and it’s a living organism. I’m about half farmer and can actually get excited by a compost heap. Mine is doing excellently, we’re going to harvest last years dirt for bedding this years tomatoes, chilies and I believe I’ll sneak in some potatoes.
BUT, the unspeakable stuff in our water today isn’t anything like that.

One place they’ve been scraping the not-dirt lately, laying the streets for the New, Extra Special Housing Development, is Gold Hill Mesa.
And, it’s almost a direct line between the water tank, my house and running straight past that monstrosity.

Went over to my friend down the street a way, Shannon. Lives right directly across 24 from the worst part of it.There’s a huge smell of sulfur dioxide too, hanging around like an evil curse.

Don’t know what possessed me to write about this right now, I mean, it’s not like any of us have any useful power against the corporations, eh? Nothing to see here, citizens, keep moving.. nothing to see…

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