No problem, no matter how complex…

There is no problem, no matter how complex… that cannot be resolved through the strategic application of high explosives. It’s been said (OK, by me, but I CAN quote myself, I gave me permission to do so) that Americans, if they can’t resolve a problem by killing a whole buncha poor slobs in other countries or Blowing Shit Up, lose interest in the problem.

Haiti, for instance, once people figured out that we can’t simply commit mass murder and be done with it, eh… And besides, Tiger Woods alleged mistress had given a tell-all interview with the starting line “They say, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas, and the Mob will probably take away my high paying career as a Hooker for saying this, but…”
And so it is with the Oil “spill”.

Now, a high profile Lunatic Fringie who wants to be more high profile has chosen as his senatorial campaign theme to castigate the president of the United States, not for his very lukewarm response to the greatest un-natural disaster to befall America since Christopher Columbus brought us smallpox and measles…
But instead that the very notion that a huge corporation can be called to account and actually have to PAY damages for their extremely destructive policies backfiring and wiping out a major portion of the Life Support System on Spaceship EarthMother.
… is “un-American, Bolshevik and probably inspired by Karl Marx”.
Actually I toned down his rhetoric.

The fact that his spew is tentatively backed by a fringe wing of a fringe party, who believe that
he and they have their fingers on the pulse of the Body Politic in America, (because they’ve got a death grip on our collective throat) is bad enough.

What would be worse still is if America, land of the Freaks and the home of the Depraved, actually had lost their collective mind and agree with this extra dumb redneck.

But, you see, it’s “unconstitutional” to nationalize the assets of a Corporation. The Major Fringe Party doesn’t say that about places of worship in far-flung corners of the globe, taking bread from orphans because Their Party (whose name rhymes with “Gee, bubbly fan” sort of) declared the trust fund for their care and feeding is “terroristic”. They don’t say that it’s Bolshevism to take over the management of Workers Unions. To take the assets of anybody defined as “organized crime” even if the person is actually found Not Guilty (seriously, they tried to seize Jacques Cousteau’s flagship the “Calypso” because one of the crew had smoked marijuana While Out To Sea And Technically Beyond The Bounds Of What’s Basically A Tax Law)

But when the Criminal Organization is a multinational Oil Corporation that’s different. Rich Crooks don’t have to pay their bills or go to jail.

So even though We, The People have paid for their Oil Company many times over and will be obliged to continue to do so for decades if not generations, we “technically” can’t own it.

Isn’t Tort Reform and Limited Liability wonderful? At least for the corporate criminals…

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