Things to learn at a supermarket

Some of the Gossip Magazine people who spent the past 5 months stalking Tiger Wood and his family are now aghast that two of the Ex-Mistresses are signed to a reality show. The Clowns are now demanding that the circus be shut down.
Elizabeth Edawards given six months to live. By the non-medical staff at National Enquirer. Which is a good prognosis, know why? They’ve been giving Elizabeth Taylor THREE months to live since Reagan was Dictator. At that rate, Liz Edwards might just be the worlds first immortal.
AAAAAANNNNDDD.. A national brand of Soda Pop, has right on the label of their can of vile venomous brew “Antioxidant”. This would be like putting vitamin supplements in a Big Mac myocardial-infarction-on-a-sesame-seed-bun and calling it health food. Organic Lard perhaps.

No, really, hardened arteries are GOOD for you.

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