TSA and Pentagoons play same lame blame game

TSA of course saying that people being angry about their Neo-Gestapo (betcha thought I was gonna say “nazi” huh?) thug tactics would cause delays.
And not their Thuggish heavy-handed State-Sponsored Terrorism. The people, you see, have no right to resent being treated as criminals with no evidence. Guilty until proven innocent.
Then blame anybody who acts any way non-docile or non-subservient for the punishment THEY, the Gesta errrr… Noble Defenders of freedom CHOOSE to inflict on other people. There’s a counter-terrorism standard employed and enjoyed by every dictatorship, including the U.S. Military “free” puppet governments, (not just the Nazis, although they’re the ones most famous for it) where they would round up local civilians in areas where a “terrorist” attack had occurred and simply execute some of them, and made sure to tell the survivors to blame it on the actions of the Resistance Fighters.
That’s the TSA tactic. Also, the Pentagon/State Department Gesta tactic for dealing with Wikileaks. Kill the messenger. Never mind that it’s not the REVELATION of their many murders and miscellaneous misdemeanors, mayhem and malicious malfeasance that’s caused their shared TSA/DoD/DoS/DoJ problems.
It’s the actual commission of their multiple misdeeds that caused the problem. If they didn’t want the name surely it would have been easier to avoid that by not playing the game.
The best way to avoid gaining an undesirable reputation as a Babykiller is simply not actually killing babies.

That way you can point out, hey, no actual dead babies, no babykilling.
But a bunch of dead babies and other Former Humans chewed to pieces by the weapons of ones Armed Forces is bound to rouse suspicions.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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1 Response to TSA and Pentagoons play same lame blame game

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    In today’s headlines, “U.S. scrambling to contain damage from leaks”.
    Meaning, U.S. Government, because they never really cared about Common Consent to do their nasty crimes. Other than keeping it a secret from U.S. citizens who weren’t curious about HOW the Pentagoons and State Department were screwing us, they were just moaning in pleasure as it happened. There’s been plenty of evidence “leaked” before Wikileaks broke the story. That’s the downside, from the Regal Perspective, of having Commoners do all the dirty work for the King and his courtiers,. Commoners have relatives. So do the Royal Family, but since Commoners outnumber the Royals about a hundred to one, the Commoners have a lot more brothers and sisters and cousins and fathers and mothers and sons and daughters ad you can get a picture just from that can’t you?

    My brother was in the Navy, at Charleston. They were ordered, during the British Empire putting down, violently, a sovereignty dispute over las Islas Malvinas… not to tell anybody that the British Navy, in contradiction of the charter-treaty of the Organization of American States, were taking on United States taxpayer-funded supplies at Charleston and other U.S. bases.

    The Reaganite sucks alternated their response to the inevitable “leaks” with a “so what?” and a disdainful sneer to the sources, because of course His Majesty King Ronald, Emperor of America, and his Royal Henchmen were far more honorable than any Commoner and thus, the Commoner had to be lying. Especially since the Commoner was also only an enlisted man.

    Whereas Officers are “Gentlemen and Scholars” and therefore would never breach their honor by telling lies.

    Of course the British sailors spent a lot of money in the Charleston bars, as usual, so it really wasn’t a secret in any real sense of the word. But King Ronald wanted to make the Diplomatic gesture of pretending that he wasn’t funding, with American public money, the bombardment of an ally. By another ally of course.

    My sister, boastfully and proudly, informed me that her squadron bombed a Kurdish shepherd, supposedly by mistake, in the Northern No-fly Zone in Iraq prior to the Invasion, conquest and occupation errr “Liberation” yeah, that’s the ticket, Liberation, we must pretend that we’re fighting for Freedom especially when we’re very obviously NOT.

    So “we” bombed a civilian in a country with whom we were not at war, a Civilian whose ethnic group was allegedly being protected by the Northern No-fly Zone, (while the U.S. Air Force and other Military and intelligence resources were being spent across the border in Turkey to violently repress the same Kurds, in the name of “freedom” once again)

    Clinton and then Bush both asserted that there were NO bombings of ground “targets” (dehumanized the guy, no longer a man but a mere “target”) unless the “targets” took hostile actions against the Air Force planes and pilots. Yeah, right, a flock of sheep attacked a United States Fighter Aircraft.

    The Reaganite/Bu’ush Regime response? same as the response from the minions of King Ronald, now servants and very haughty mouthpieces for King George the Stupid.

    So, who, exactly, ARE these wikileaks supposed to inform of the use of back-door diplomacy to screw the citizens of the other nations? The Kings of those other nations certainly knew they were being screwed. So did their Diplomatic Minions.

    That means that it was the PEOPLE, the Peasant and the Commoner class of those Puppet Regimes, who were supposed to be so very stupid that they wouldn’t realize that being screwed by the American Imperial Liberators once again is somehow in their best interests.

    And they call Liberals “Elitists”.

    One thing, the Royal Imperial sucks in both Washington and each capital of each Vassal State are very afraid of the Peasants knowing.

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