Ugandan bombs herald “Al-Shabab” Terror? group, U.S. Domestics hold record.

Is it new Terror Threat, set to replace al Qa’eda as Boogieman Number 1? Ewww… Well, three dead in Albuquerque “Bring your explosive-spewing dildo to work day” incident… Thus bringing the death tolls from the al-Colt, al-smithandwesson, al-ruger,and al-remington Terror factions up to eleventy-bazillion (only an approximation)
These organizations are sects of a Satanic movement worshiping militarism, corporatism, and other forms of organized and/or purely random Mass Murders. Most of their victims, just as in the al-Buquerque faction Terror Shooting, involve friends, coworkers and family of the shooters. The shooters are recruited by the Corporatist faction and are usually frightened child-men who have been sold the ridiculous notion that arming themselves heavily and risking killing their family, coworkers or friends will make their Mental Health issues “go away”. The numbers of Civilians killed domestically keeps pace with or outstrips the numbers of U.S. soldiers killed in wars. But these things make the bearers “safer”.

The Accidental shootings encouraged by this “Cult of the Rambo” are usually also the family or friends of the deluded Cult Members. Why exactly their Families and Co-workers are a separate group from their “Friends” is one of the Great Mysteries of the Cult.

Repeated viewings of Gun Porn such as “Rambo”, “Death Wish” “Die Hard”<<–(not very well hidden sex innuendo there) "The Green Berets" and just about any Historically-hysterically inaccurate "western" movie, especially starring John Wayne, in a not-very-surprising twist financially backed by the Same Corporatist Death-Priesthood who sell the guns, reinforces the feelings of helplessness and fears that would only be soothed by possession of more and more guns. The higher caliber and/or more explosives used in the guns supposedly, as portrayed in the Gun Porn Movies/video-games/Commercials for the Deathworship Priesthood, makes you feel safer and gives you a longer lasting orgasm when you Kill Other Human Beings.
It's a substitute for Masculinity. Telling the poor stupid bastards who are sucked into this overtly sexual Cult any of these details inevitably results in at the very least Name-Calling in which the ones who purchase lots of Replacement Penises question the masculinity of anybody who points out that the Cult Members are essentially not satisfied with or confident with their own Sexual prowess. This sometimes escalates into threats which are rarely carried out against the people who point out these facts.

More often they're carried out against other individuals, family and co-workers mostly, who for some reason make the shooters feel emasculated and helpless. Or blindly strike out at random strangers.

In other news, the person who opened fire on a middle school in a Denver suburb not far from the scene of another Mass Terrorist Protest Against Perceived Emasculation shooting had taken place (Columbine High School), who was wrestled to the ground and disarmed by two people who themselves were NOT carrying "heat", has plead "Not guilty by reason of Insanity" and been remanded to the State Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado for psychiatric observation.

The bad news is, the Other Members of the Cult are still out there standing ready to deliberately or accidentally slaughter Fellow Americans. As a "patriotic" gesture".

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