Unexpurgated then and now.

Because of the massive amount of bigotry, jingoism and violent wishes expressed in reaction to one of our more popular Visitor Attractions showing just a minimal sample of war atrocity in the form of dead Soldiers. Like, what was expected, eh? The hate-speech brought forth from those who want to continue to generate such horrifying images but don’t want the Children they’re trying to recruit into the Army-Navy-Air Force-Marines to see the Glory of Warfare in its truest form, led me to think of other overt censorship from yet another war. Life Magazine had a picture of a wounded American or perhaps British soldier in the Pacific war, bandaged over the eyes and perhaps only temporarily blinded, definitely not seeing anything right then, being led by an island Native who was attached to the Medical Unit treating said soldier. Touching, eh, inter-racial inter-tribal inter-cultural compassion, yes? Not so, according to British censors. They were very indignant that a “wog” was shown in any position of power over a White Man. Even gently leading him by the arm. I looked for the picture just now, couldn’t come up with it just yet. Got pictures of German and other WW One soldiers with their faces burned beyond recognition, and still alive, from “our” weapons of mass destruction and those of “our” allies. In case anybody’s wondering, the British Empire and their related terrorist groups used Nerve Gas every bit as much as the “barbaric” Turks and Huns did.

There’s another picture of a Japanese soldier, what’s left of him, in a “pillbox” fortification with his hands still on his machine gun, after being hit with napalm from a flamethrower. Wonderful imagery, that. And, conspicuously absent, any negative commentary from Our Heroes when their handiwork is displayed in all its glory.

Just, you know, offers to beat us down in imaginary encounters with large numbers of Trained Killers for daring to expose what they, themselves, look like when dead.

I guess their gander just doesn’t taste quite as good with the goose sauce on it.

Pictures of Arlington National Cemetery with the former Army recruitment slogan “Be All That You Can Be”, guess that doesn’t sell the Recruiter Lies very well. Of course they’d object. Not from any sense of the dignity of the dead. Not from any concern that the comrades and family of the dead would be offended.

But the recruitment task becomes harder when people can see the reality. It interferes with the Recruiters and Chaplains and other Liars selling the souls of the next hundreds of thousands of Soldiers the same way they sold their own souls.

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