Update on the campaign of Ali Hasan, corporate Suck extraordinaire

He’s promising to invest all the available funds, if he’s elected to the office of state Treasurer, into Double A rated corporations. Like for instance the AA rated derivatives of mortgages, and the derivatives of the derivatives, assigned by Goldman Sachs, who had a significant multi BILLION dollar horse in the race. Yep, not satisfied with ripping off everybody in America BEFORE being caught, they’re running a Corporate Tool for Treasurer so they can take ALL the public funds from the State of Colorado using the same kind of scams. Very nice fellows.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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5 Responses to Update on the campaign of Ali Hasan, corporate Suck extraordinaire

  1. Avatar Ali Hasan says:

    Dearest Brother Jonah –

    with all due respect, I want to divest from bailout entities, specifically Goldman Sachs – Colorado has millions invested in Goldman Sachs and I’m the only candidate whose promised to divest from them, as noted by Hasan’s State Treasury Plan, available at my website – from there, I want to invest in Colorado entities that are AA rated

    My GOP opponents, Walker Stapleton and JJ Ament, on the other hand, want to keep our money invested in bailout companies – I think you’re picking on the wrong candidate

    Peace and love – Ali

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The Colorado companies which are AA rated are for the vast majority “defense” industries or have so much in the way of War Stock that they might as well be divisions of the Army.

    And, the ratings are subject to top down manipulation. As in the case of Goldman Sachs, who you didn’t mention in your TV ad, who made a Large Fortune ripping off Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac, who you DID.

    The problem wasn’t as much a bottom-to-top “trickle up poverty” one as so many of your supporters claim. It’s more on the lines of people at the top not only having the dishonesty to rig the game, they had the political clout in the way of extreme deregulation. Reagan and Bush and Bush’s Son(s) took all public oversight away from what are essentially public funds. Perhaps an even better one to jump would be the ransacking of the Social Security Trust Fund. Using Treasury bonds that can’t possibly be paid without either a massive upswing in taxable revenues, or massive taxation.
    Or a massive default on debt that would put the entire public sector on a credit rating worse than Ethiopia has.

    That’s kind of extreme. And only a writer such as myself would use “kind of” as a modifier for “extreme”.

    But the ripoff of Social Security is an exact analogy of the ripoff of federal housing funding. It’s not the fund itself that’s to fault, it’s giving unregulated meaning unrestricted access to those funds over to some of the most blatant thieves in America (and Britain, Germany, France, Russia…)

    Run ads reflecting that. You’d be going against a big tide with that, but the fight might be worth it.

    Public spending for the benefit of the Public, as in ALL the public, is often sneered away as Socialism.

    Buck the trend. Pledge a larger portion to Public investment like schools. DIRECT investment in the schools, and make it a point that this would be seed money well invested. The trend is to avoid any appearance of bailing out the poorest.

    Maybe the investment doesn’t have a quick enough payout to be considered Politically Acceptable.

    Witness the Health Care (lack of) Debate. It might be political suicide to do it, but it would be the right thing to do.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Investing only in the wealthiest companies will lock out those who need it most. Opportunities would be restricted to working McJobs and would stifle competition and innovation.

    Might I suggest investing in Solar energy? The companies involved don’t have the artificially enhanced credit ratings that the Oil and Coal industries do. The latter are spending large money advertising for us not to cut off their subsidies.
    Again with the long term payouts though, as opposed to the Get A Quick Profit Then Split crowd.

    In spite of that the Solar technologies have advanced so much in the past 40 years, without the heavy subsidization that the Fossil Fuels industries have received, that in a matter of a decade they could outstrip the so-called progress in Fossil Fuel Technologies from the last two centuries. It would beat spending another ten trillion in war expenses conquering oil-bearing lands for less than a trillion in profit.

    Spending ten-to-one actual expenses over actual returns is rather a Loser of an investment strategy. But that’s what we have today.

  4. Avatar Ali Hasan says:

    Brother Jonah –

    I appreciate your response, however, I really don’t think you’ve read my State Treasury Plan, as you’re criticisms do not add up to what I am writing

    Please check out my State Treasury Plan to see what I want to invest in and divest from – it is available for download at –


    Peace and love – Ali Hasan

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I’m making suggestions that aren’t in anybodys plans.

    As a treasurer (not used to the term, in Texas it’s Comptroller) you would have a lot of power to make some rapid changes. That unfortunately would almost guarantee you not being reelected.

    One, put Public Transportation ahead of Highway Expansion.

    Meaning Light Rail and intercity bus. The people on the back range had to pull teeth to get the “conservative” Park and Teller county governments to allow a privately funded bus service from the Springs to Divide. It’s making a profit.

    One of the most sideways funding nightmares I’ve heard of, and like I said, i’ve actually been to Dallas, so I’ve seen some world class buffoonery… is the 24West project. A blatant giveaway to the Real Estate lobby, to the tune of a quarter billion Taxpayer Dollar$. And that’s if they don’t end up diverting Fountain Creek.

    The widening project starts and ends at Bus Stops. The western edge of it happens to be where there’s no way in hell to widen it. It would literally involve moving mountains. So what traffic would it alleviate? Only the traffic between the Sinclair gas station at the corner of 24W and 24 Business.. THAT would be a fat juicy target for your television ads, especially if you actually intend to back it up.

    It would be cheaper to subsidize dawn-to-midnight bus service than to do the 24West project. Again, you’d have to sell it as “Conservative”, so throw down the gauntlet.

    Investing in privately owned businesses in the death-spiral economy we have now is like paying your poker debts by playing the lottery and still expecting to pay the rent and groceries. The A and AA ratings have been arbitrarily assigned and, as in the G.S. case, (and other similar cases yet to be investigated) by people who were subsequently selling those AA rated papers.

    Which leads to another… Direct subsidized mortgage relief.

    People who know a mortgage agreement front back and sideways were selling them to people who had never had a mortgage or owned stocks and wouldn’t know the difference between a Renewable Financial Instrument and a Renaissance Festival Instrument, and then blaming the people who couldn’t possibly have known as much about such papers as the Fraudsters selling them (side note, my spell checker recognizes Fraudsters as a word… far out)
    when the Airborne fecal matter violently contacted the rotary air circulation devices.

    Reverse that. Bring some official or at least Campaign Ad heat back on to the Real criminals. Not the ones currently drawing the heat, people who wouldn’t know an A.R.M. from their left L.E.G.

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