Upon hearing some of the locals discussing Faulkner in Pakistan.

They’re saying “He almost DID get Osama!” ahem… where would they have that info from? Oh, yeah, The Colorado Rambo’s Publicity Dept.
They also cited an A&E program where somebody had supposedly almost gotten bin Laden but Osama got in the first shot. Momma always said “Almost, Ain’t… and close only counts in hand-grenades”
The whole conversation takes on an eerie semblance to junior high brag. “I almost got up in the Coach’s face about that” or “I almost got in a fight” blah blah blah bah, humbug.
Besides, A&E also re-runs hysterical documentaries where they say that Saddam Hussein refused to give up his WMDs and thats what the war is about. With a track record like that I’d go to a window and check if one of them told me it was daytime.
Moreover, who would be able to tell if he actually DID shoot somebody in Pakistan or Afghanistan and it was allegedly bin Laden?

The FBI, CIA, DHS? The ones who don’t even know if Mr bin Laden is actually alive, haven’t had photographic records of his existence for the past six years and actually put up a wanted poster for him using the picture of a member of the Spanish Government. Yeah, that would be a BIG help to the story uh-huh.

umm. sorry for the delay. My eyes got a little glazed just thinking about that story-line.
Other aspects. Who would have records of anybody ELSE he shot, might have shot or “almost shot” on the way to Almost Shooting bin Laden? Since he was on a Lone Avenger Rambo Mission…
Why, that would leave only him.

He says he’s not in it for the glory, but to “get bin Laden” why didn’t he simply tell the Army where bin Laden is, if he knows? Hmmm…
I mean, the army has what, 200,000 trained professional soldiers looking for him in that general vicinity? Surely it would increase the odds of them catching the guy If Faulkner Shared The Info. Instead he wants to go back to Pakistan.

Which brings up another issue. The Pakistani government is either working with “our” government on the search or blatantly helping al Qa’eda. If they were helping al Qa’eda, why wouldn’t they have just parked him in an unmarked grave somewhere near the border, rather than arrest him then send him home? If they’re helping U.S. and not T.H.E.M., and Faulkner actually had a chance to succeed, why wouldn’t they have helped him along? And then simply shoot him and bury him without a name somewhere on the borderlands…
Like the song “Amos Moses” (Jerry Reed) said…

The Sheriff got wind that Amos
was in the swamp huntin’ alligator skin
so he slipped in the swamp, gonna git the boy
but he never come out again

well, I wonder where that Louisiana Sheriff went to?
You can sho’ get lost in that Louisiana Bayou.

People go missing in the Tribal Autonomous Zones all the time, like for instance Osama bin Laden. One more wouldn’t make much of a difference to them.
They and the Yankee government would be glad to put the old bin Laden boogie-man to rest so they could prop up another new, improved and Not Been Dead For 5 Years Or More boogie-man who would chant “Death to America!” on TV screens, then get off work at 5, go down to West Hollywood and hang out in a bar all night.
It would be more helpful to the Warmonger Apparatus if they had a new boogie-man instead of a propped up phantom. They’d cheerfully prop up whatever body got in the way of Mr Faulkner’s bullets and say it’s bin Laden, all right…
And who would tell them differently? Nobody at the major Spy agencies in America including the Pentagoons even have an idea what he looks like now.

It’s just a devilish eerie feeling that it’s Bullshit.

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