Victim of Backshooting New Orleans Ku Klux Kops gets poshumous day in court

Sort of. The FBI is investigating one of the shootings. At least ONE of the largely racist shooting spree the Pigs went on against victims of the Katrina storm and subsequent Police State Crackdown. N’Awleans Pigs told the guys family that a civilian (“criminal”) had shot him, they didn’t find out until a reporter contacted them LAST YEAR that it was the overzealous Trigger-Happy Local Gestapo.

Next up, (maybe) the Slidell Parish Kops who murdered people on the I-10 bridge. Aside from Jerry Lee Lewis and his cousin the Preacher, Jimmy Swaggart who had a “thing” for the Sisters (about three inches long and circumcised “thing”), and their mutual cousin Mickey Gilley, the only persons of note to come out of Slidell were the long parade of almost parody-of-themselves Cliche Big Belly Sheriffs… like the one who authorized his deputies to shoot (black) Refugees and later grudgingly accepted the notion of Refugees temporarily relocating in “His” Parish, with the condition that he got to impose a dress code and a standard haircut as part of his generous offer to not shoot them (anymore) and Current Deputy Steven Seagal. whose Cable-TV show “lawman” laid a giant egg.

Not surprising because the teaser for it shows him roughing up a handcuffed prisoner.
Gee, what quality gentlemen the South (sometimes) produces.
That they’re probably all nearer kin to me than I’d care to consider, doesn’t make their lights shine brighter.

Got to point out, in Louisiana it’s technically illegal for a white person to marry or even to have sex with a “colored” person, meaning anybody who’s more than 1/32nd “non-white”.
That means if one of your great great great grandparents was non-white, technically you’re “colored”. It doesn’t work in the opposite direction though, if your 31/32nds “colored” you can’t even SAY that you’re white.

Technically, Swaggart broke a felony law of “miscegeny” rather than a Misdemeanour law for engaging the services of a prostitute.

That’s how serious they take “race” in Louisiana.

Texas purged the official restrictions about Race in 1970.
Just not the Unofficial laws. Louisiana doesn’t even bother to pretend.
When it comes to a vote, as it does every election cycle, people like the “colored” Republican Governor Bobby Jindal campaign against it. Not on racial grounds of course.

“preserve ouah cultuh and heritage”.

God-Damn it I”M from that culture and heritage too. I surely don’t approve of them putting me into that bullshit by extension.

They seldom ask my opinion because they realize by now what it will be. They don’t learn quick, but they learn good.

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