Pentagon: Light at end of tunnel…     NATO: uh… like, no…
The Dutch portion of Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) so divided that the government fell apart. Their largely uncompensated mission as Disposable Shock Troops for the Washington Regime is costing them the lives of their citizens, more money than the country actually has, and especially since the Former Regime in Washington backed a corporate play that bankrupted the entire stash of publicly held money of the World. Including but not limited to the Dutch corner thereof.

Other nations that “belong” to NATO, Greece and Turkey, for instance, are deep in debt to the financial “backers” of the Invasion and occupation.

The British, similarly impoverished, save for the private holdings of a very few of the citizens, has been treated to the spectacle of court cases revealing complicity in the Bu’ush Regime kidnap, torture and Murder “war” crimes. Their former Prime Minister Tony “The Poodle” Blair, made statements brazenly declaring “Yes, we lied to start the war, but I’d do it all over again”.

Fast shift to America, several backers of the Defeated Bu’ush Terrorist Regime make similar statements, Romney, Huckabee and Palin especially saying variations of the theme that God ordained the Murder and Robbery spree. If God had ordained it, though, He being the most important figure in the Universe, don’t you think He would have provided them with a REAL reason instead of the faked WMD claims? What, are they saying
“God is great
and God is Good
But we believe
He’s a Lying Babykiling
thiief just like us”?
Back to Europe, fighting a war which is not theirs, or at best is a war benefiting only the wealthiest.

Just like here.
France. the nation which had the largest concentration of troops in Afghanistan prior to the Surge, being dissed by the Bu’ush Regime from the beginning, also in dire straits financially. France isn’t even a member of NATO. DeGaulle DeClined the invation long ago and they still rudely insist that they don’t have to bow to America and Britannia’s Huns with their Long Range Guns…

How Very Gauche of them.

Spain. Portugal. Deutschland. Facing unrest among their peoples and financial ruin, each compounding the other.

And right in the middle of it, America’s Vanity War.
Sucking the life out of their troops, literally, and sucking their economies dry.

The day before yesterday, the Pentagon was saying that the non-insurgent Surge controls all the roads and major town of Helmand Province WHAT MAJOR TOWNS? They also said the “insurgents” who actually LIVE THERE, it’s Their Freakin’ Country, are beaten down, in retreat, short of ammunition etc etc …

Today the pictures were of American soldiers dragging the wounded off on their shoulders and running.

But still “in control”.Yep.

If there were any kind of stability, anywhere near the point,

This guy would NOT be carried off like that.

Plain and simple. The Taliban have no air support and no heavy artillery, so why would this grunt be doing a Forrest Gump? Usually the zoomies (Air Force) would pacify any resistance and the Pararescue choppers, backed by attack choppers, who would silence anybody who took a shot at the rescue operation, with a quickness, would be moving the guy properly, after first stabilizing him and making sure he was safe to move.

Either the picture is staged or, they ain’t controlling SHIT.

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