War on Santa

6 thoughts on “War on Santa

  1. AvatarBrother Jonah

    And it’s an article of faith, that Jesus doesn’t have one, His grave was borrowed… but the ORIGINAL asking price for Jesus was 30 silver shekels.

    If they really wanted to break honest, at least once, they’d admit that it’s all about the benjamins, apologize to Jews, Christians, Muslims and just anybody who’s offended at the notion of selling God .
    But notice the “if” conditional that started the sentence.

  2. AvatarPilarerecto

    OMG! I hate to point this out to any sensitive souls at NMT, but am I the only person that sees some features of our current president of the USA stuck into this evil ‘Satan Claws’ photo?

    Yes, I think that Sarah Palin must have made up this vision of pure evil! She does want to put the ‘Christ’ back in Christmas, does she not?

    Funny, too, how both Ed and Jonah evidently missed seeing the obvious similarities sewn in this face of evil to their own beloved President as pictured by a Right Wing racist who melded King Kong, Barack Obama, and Santa Claus growling back at a good Christmas for good Christian folk?

  3. AvatarBrother Jonah

    Nope, don’t see the resemblance.
    Leads me to suspect there isn’t one.
    Poor Sarah has to straddle a fence between trying to appease Christian resistance to the agenda she’s contracted to promote, still keep the commercialism in and so forth and so on. Serving God and Mammon. I would pity her position, but her supporters say she knows what she’s doing.

    Too bad, because there was/still is a movement that would allow her to plead ignorance.

  4. AvatarPilarerecto

    The complexion is Black and the mouth is opened into a overly huge menacing monkey-like fang led grimace of anger. If this isn’t the typical Right Wing racist imaging of your beloved Democratic Party president then I’m a monkey’s uncle, Jonah.

    This reminds me of one of my pre election, pre golfing sex scandal comments I made on that DP donkey blog (Common Dreams) where I said that the DP Establishment had gone with a Tiger Woods look alike as their presidential candidate. All the Hope-full liberal donkeys went ballistic saying that they could not see any resemblance at all between the two! …lol… They were choking on their kool aid almost! Heck! I even see a similarity between Mama Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama! Can I help it? And I see the looks of an evil pedophile in the eyes of the Pope! Go figure me out, Jonah. I just seem to have an overly active imagination, I guess? Or not…

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