“we convict them on the front page”

And the appeals are on the back page. That was something actually said by a Dallas County District Attorney in relation to having convicted a Spanish-American citizen for “dealing crack” and the so-called evidence turned out to be ground up wallboard. Gypsum. CHALK. When the Appeals Court overturned the Conviction, they kept the guy in prison for two more years while the Dallas DA first appealed the Appeal and then tried to fabricate new “evidence”.
This practice is alive and well.
It’s being used to try to whitewash the Pentagoons persecution of WikiLeaks with release to a Swedish Newspaper the disinformation about Assange being charged with rape. Something the Swedish police dropped, turned their backs and walked away from it.

So now the Pentagon can say, Sure, we “inadvertently” committed torture, murder and other war crimes, constantly and without any remorse, but, hey, Assange was falsely charged with rape so that makes OUR crimes disappear!

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  1. Avatar Von Herring says:

    The slimy tentacles of the pentagon slither their way to Sweden to frame Assange for rape. The frightening thing is that many people probably take this seriously. It implies only one thing to me, which is: F**k with the pentagon = be framed for rape. Is this desperation? If so, it may be a good sign. Maybe the rest of world is ready to tell big fat American authoritarian delusionanoids to piss off. Gee, what will we do about that? The whole world (minus the sinking island of Brittan) tells us to go to hell, and take our recession (depression) with us.

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