“We tie their hands and feet then tell them to dance”

People on Parole, with a gps unit strapped to their ankles, have to be under a bridge. Until they can afford an apartment. In a city where being on parole is going to keep you from being hired, being homeless is going to keep you from being hired, being homeless and on parole will keep you from getting a lease…
Where being arrested can break your parole and where the PIGS can now arrest you for being homeless.

I took the title from a quote in the Indy from last month where Parelees was the subject. The predictable Knee-Jerk Reactionary Right Wing “Back the Badge, the Policeman is ALWAYS Right and should be obeyed without question” Crowd had a good old hoo-haw time laughing about it, and denouncing the people who affirmed that it IS the truth… calling us Crazy and Alarmist and Bleeding Heart, you know, the usual CRAP… and then getting all crybaby about it when somebody on the Right Wing gets “called a name”.

I strongly suspect that they’re exactly the same people who believe that it’s OK for the cops to beat you up, handcuff you, then beat you up again and file false charges against you for “calling them names”.

But, the guys who are paroled to their residence at the corner of Under and Bridge, have to guard their possessions, carry their possessions with them, or just have their possessions stolen, or picked up and discarded by the Wackenhut Slave Labor “community service” detail.

So a guy goes into a restaurant, one of the few job opportunities in this village, despite what the Lying Crybaby Right Wing Who Will Cry About Being Called Lying Crybabies, tell us about how there’s all kinds of opportunity. Working for that Lovely Minimum Wage that the Lying Crybabies say is not only sufficient, but it’s Tyranny and Socialism, and worse yet, Socialist Tyranny, to have to pay Minimum Wage in the first place.

The guy smells like Hogan’s Goat on the third day of a three day drunk from sleeping or trying to sleep under a freezing cold bridge, carrying his sleeping bag so it doesn’t get Stolen errr… Picked up and discarded as trash, with a Littering Ticket if he complains about it and a Disorderly Conduct arrest if he complains about THAT… unless the PIGS beat him up in which case it will be Aggravated Assault on a Control Freak PIG (“He scraped my knuckles with his teeth, then viciously grabbed my hands with his ears and slammed his nose against my knee repeatedly, while handcuffed”)

So he walks into the restaurant carrying his “Bum Gear” as the so called Godly and Loving Good People in town would call it… Ever so righteous…
And asks for an application. Guy behind the counter says “we’re not hiring”.

If he points out that there’s a Help Wanted sign in the window the manager will come from behind the counter and give him a good old fashioned Christian Beat-down and then call the cops on him.

The “Back the Badge” crowd will knee-jerk deny any and all of this, of course. Shit, they’ll put their Holy, Godly Hands on the Holy Bible and swear that the “bum” started the trouble.

But calling them names is bad behavior.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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2 Responses to “We tie their hands and feet then tell them to dance”

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Janis Heuberger filed a complaint with the epa about the homeless contaminating the water. The raw sewage will still be in that creek long after the homeless are gone, then who will be to blame for this? Like they used to say in the old cartoons….here we go again……there you go Janis, you can be Yosemite Sam and I can be bugs bunny….I wanna laugh when “you scream ooooooooooooooooooh I hate that rabbit!”

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It was there long before tent city. The Pueblo lawsuit about it speaks volumes. And it was active when I came up here in the summer of ’04.

    BUT, maybe this is the break we need for That Other Monstrosity.
    The Sand-dune-that-isn’t-a-dune-but-toxic-refinery-waste between 8th and 21st street on the south side of Cimmaron.

    I wasn’t kidding about the grass growing about 3 inches then dying. It’s one of those “roll-out” lawn devices that they use on road construction, the Highway Department made the same arrangement at the same time on the highway 25 project. This summer the grass there grew about 3 feet, they mowed it, and it grew 3 feet again.EXCEPT… downstream from the mining waste.

    I think but not sure, Ms Heuberger is one of those who pushed off that quarter-of-a-billion dollar 24West road to nowhere project on us. Scam and a half. It runs between two bus stops.

    And it’s supposed to be in conjunction with the building of a reduced rent Apartment Project on top of that poison hill.

    Wonder if Ms Environment is involved in that? If she is, then calling in EPA was the worst mistake she could make.

    I don’t recall if her name came up on either project. It’s one of the nightmare scenarios the Unrestricted Development crowd is ripping off the city, state and federal tax base with.

    If it’s any consolation, the bacteria from the City dumping raw sewage into the Arkansas watershed, will be offset and killed by the White Arsenic and Chrome Oxide and Sodium Cyanide going into Fountain Creek from the Toxic Hill.

    Just great, right? The Arkansas watershed feeds amongst others the Ouachita, Red and Sabine Rivers, so everybody all the way down to Houston will be able to sue us for the toxins.

    Doug Bruce and his real estate croneys did the stormwater fee in, basically telling not only us but everybody downstream from us that they have a God-given right to poison the water and if we or Pueblo or Wichita Falls or Shreveport or Houston don’t like it, we or they can pay our or their money to filter our toxins out of their water.

    So they scapegoat the poorest. Actually not “scapegoat”, that’s an erroneous term. In the Hebrew tradition, the scapegoat was released unharmed. The High Priest would impute the sins of the people on him, then turn him loose.

    So maybe Ms Heuberger is doing us a favor by making a big stinky doo-doo on this issue.

    I know the 25West and the mine waste crowd sure have taken advantage of the diversion. They’ve been using the time bought with this issue to cut a new channel near the Mobile Home park east of the Poison Hill so they can pump the poison in faster. I guess they just figure that nobody would ever catch on.

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