America is not a “white” nation

Well now… an apparently Southern person wrote in response to an article about the Tea-Baggers and Other Klan Affiliates espousing Hate Crimes against black American PEOPLE, under the banners of the Failed Confederate States, that “you are an Idiot” and saying something about the “palling around with terrorists” badly disproved Tea Party Rhetoric. And then saying that the Southern States will secede along with Alaska. And of course all Southerners are going to agree to this, Right? Allow me to remind you of a few things…

The South has changed quite a bit since you Racist Retards decided you were going to take your toys and leave, miffed because a Yankee from Illinois of Mixed Race (what, you didn’t hear that part in Texas History? Abraham Lincoln was from an ethnic group called Malargeons, and was often said to be Negro. Of course, in Modern Southern classrooms the Lies from the Last Secession movement about States Rights are more prevalent than saying it was about race) was Elected President and was going to attempt a major bit of Reform which put Human Rights above property “rights” in the case of the “right” to keep Human Beings as property. The secessionists won’t have the votes to do it. Same reason they didn’t have the votes to stop America from electing Barack Obama to be President. America isn’t a “white” nation and neither are any of the states.

What would you do, Secessionists, to force the Black and Hispanic AMERICANS in “your” states to either join you in secession or get out?

Would you get the White Sheets out of grandpa’s closet and ride out lynching anybody who didn’t go along with the idea? That’s what the Confederacy did the first time, and the only reason they could get it to work TEMPORARILY was the fact that the blacks were held in slavery and deliberately kept ignorant, not allowed to learn to so much as read on pain of beatings and death. They were also kept unarmed. Do you seriously believe that you’ll be able to peddle that same kind of shit today? Take all the Tea-Baggers in Texas and descend on ONE Black American enclave, maybe Polytechnic Heights or Stop Six in Ft Worth, maybe South Oak Cliff in Dallas or 5th Ward in Houston. Or the equally hated-by-the-Tea-Party-and-other-Klan-groups Hispanics, the ones who your Stupid Loudmouth Leaders Beck and Limbaugh were confidently predicting would vote against Barack Obama because the Fox News Retards calculated them to be every bit as stupidly racist as the Tea-Baggers. Go to Segundo Barrio in El Paso with that shit.

Tell them you’re taking over completely in Texas. See how long you would last. Try the same thing in Birmingham Alabama, see how far you get with that.

See, in order for your “we’re going to take all our toys and go home” snivelly little Tantrum to work, you would have to have unanimous support. You won’t get it.

Just like you didn’t “get” the idea that 70 MILLION Americans voted against your Racist “white is right” Platform in the last election.

Maybe you were counting on the Ignorance Factor, well, even with the deliberate sabotage of Public Schools in Texas and the rest of America ever since there WAS such an animal as Public Education, people aren’t as stupid and racist as you hoped in the last election, where once again I have to remind you 70 MILLION Americans rejected your Racist Platform. The Commonwealth of Virginia rejected your Racist Platform.

But you believe that somehow you’re going to unite all the people of the South and do it under the Confederate Hate Flag?

Sir or Madame, YOU truly are an idiot.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to America is not a “white” nation

  1. Yes, I agree….it helps to “disarm” your victim when you are trying to “peddle that same kind of shit today”……..we’d better get all these guns rounded up ASAP, and get some more hate speech laws passed pronto, before any more progressives have their feelings hurt!

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Hey, Racism offends more than just “progressesives” or any other label you want to put on it.

    The Border Patrol held me at gunpoint a couple of times because of their Inherent Racist Nature. Then said it was MY fault because I “looked mex”.
    In other words, they get to profile people based on their physical appearance and then lie through their collective arse about how they’re “not Racist in any way”.

    Same with the Tea Potty.
    I grew up in Texas, remember? It’s not like I’m speaking from other people’s experience, although, I do listen more than I speak, so I get a lot of other people’s esperiences to go on.

    Oh, and lynching people, YOUR Tea Potty comrades have brought that back, in the case of Bill Sparkman. I know the Klan Affiliated and Infiltrated Kentucky State Police declared it a suicide, Pigs always do that to protect their own.

    The cowards who did it did so because of that Violent Hate Rhetoric you espouse.

    If you seriously want to block violent reaction to Free Speech, there’s a lawsuit involving Eric and Rita and Elizabeth you might want to consider supporting.

    Of course it would mean going against the CSPD you love so much. And the established pattern of organized violent reaction to Free Assembly and Free Speech that Your Party made into Policy.

    Silly Sarah told people not to sit down or shut up, but when people talked back to HER Royal Lowness she had them forcibly ejected. YESTERDAY. Maybe you could defend their rights to Free Speech as well.

    Again, it would be going against the Lying Hypocrites you adopted as Your Party. Have fun with it.

    What are you going to do when they start going after Jewish Lawyers with Slavic names?

  3. …and sincerely, Michael, I’ve been known to break bread with sinners and Republicans. The only difference between the two designations is that the Republicans tend to deny their sins.

    “Give Place! For I am Holier Than Thou!”

    Sometimes in the course of breaking bread with Republicans the subject of the ACLU comes up, and if they’re certain there’s no Judaic people present they’ll refer to the ACLU as a bunch of bleeding heart Jew-boy lawyers. It’s like they can’t separate the term “Jew” from Lawyer and they despise both groups.

    Laws against hate speech? No such animal, although when the Hate Freaks use racist or (and this part really offends the Closet Cases who haunt the leadership of the Anti-Gay crusaders in the Republican party) homophobic remarks when they’re encouraging (abetting, in case you’ve forgotten the legal terms) crimes against People who they hate.

    In which cases, the CRIME is assault, sometimes (often) rape and murder, and the person who aids (enables) and abets the crime is considered an accomplice before and after the fact.

    Of course, Republicans don’t feel that stomping on a “nigger” or “fag” or “wetback” or “Ay-rab” or “jew-boy” should be treated any differently than if their Insane and System-wide Bigotry hadn’t enabled and encouraged the commission of that crime.

    The Republican Big Tent doesn’t have room for certain groups, but they sure did make plenty of room for the Klan.

    So did the Tea Potty.

  4. …and disowned Abraham Lincoln… and embraced his assassins…

    Speaking of Assassins, why is it that if black people or Mexican American people or Intelligent and Educated White people go to a Palin or Bush or Cheney event with an Anti-Republican message prominently displayed, they’re “forcibly Ejected” and often tasered and arrested… but the Tea Party and Minutemen Cowards-with-guns hang around Democratic rallies, including those involving the president, essentially trying to suppress Democratic Freedom of Speech by threats of Violence involving their fully loaded, round in the chamber, safety off Submachine Guns, and that’s somehow acceptable?

    Who are you guys going to shoot? I mean, since it’s America you’re obviously trying to intimidate Americans, or perhaps (and your coward minions have done this occasionally, like at the Unitarian Church in Knoxville and the Holocaust Museum and the home of the Flores Family in Arivaca AZ) carry out those threats? At the church and the museum they were aiming for Kids, guess the Republican Instinct for Babykilling took over, but were prevented, in Arivaca they actually did kill a 9 year old AMERICAN child.

    I mean, what’s up with that? Y’all Republicans claim to support the wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan and Gaza, where you say the people getting blown away are Terrorists and deserve it, why aren’t these “Big, Macho Gun-Totin'” Klansmen over there?

    Easier to do their Anti-American Babykilling Terrorism in America, I guess.

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