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The FBI published a picture of an “age progressed” Osama bin Laden, only… It wasn’t an actual Age Progression computer generated picture. Nor was it based on a picture of bin Laden. The “computer generated” part was from a google image they blatantly copied of a Spanish lawmaker. If they had wanted a REAL age progression picture, supposedly they have a whole bunch of Taxpayer Subsidized technicians who spend their entire working time making such images.
The question was asked, Why would they use a picture of somebody who was NOT bin Laden? answer:

Llamazares, former leader of the United Left party, was elected to Spain’s parliament in 2000. The photograph of him used to make the wanted poster originally appeared on posters for his 2004 general-election campaign.

It also draws into question whether the money spent on the FBIs Actual age progression programs is actually being spent for valid work.

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