Well well well… the “foreign” word makes the Right Wing take notice.

As in, they were so gleeful about Corporate Takeover, with Supreme Court “justices” making the rulings that Corporations are better than Real People, until their base. the Teabaggers, the Minutemen, the Klan, other anti-anybody-else Racist Nutjobs, started listening to one word… Foreign. The FOREIGN corporate interests being able to decide American policy. Oh, My my my my my my my….
What’s the difference between Halliburton and Richard “the Dick” Cheney running America through Corporate Fascism and say, the UAE and perhaps the Queen (or King when she finally goes to Hell) of England doing so? Simple, they’re Foreign Evil Despots instead of our own home grown Evil Despots.
I’m sure the Righties will want to amend the Constitution now but, in their own loveable way.Only AMERICAN Corporate Dictatorship will be allowed.

But then, these Uber Nationalistischen didn’t ever flinch about AMERICAN corporations owning entire nations through the “free” trade agreements.

One who leaps to mind, and is local, and whose Demonic Disciples infest our town, and who monitor this website, Ted Haggard. And his former(?) accomplice Dobson.

They made the declaration in support of the CheneyBush Regime refusing to ratify the World Court by saying they were worried that it would infringe on American Sovereignty. And, ONLY American Sovereignty.

And of course groveling to their Corporate Masters who stated their beliefs in the PNAC that American Sovereignty extends to mastery of the Entire World.

What would they say, or did they say or Do They say on the subject of the difference between One National Sovereignty being the only one recognized and say, the policies stated by Adolf Hitler? Or any other imperialist.

Nationalism remains nationalism only if the rights and sovereignty of Other Nations are given equal weight.

I mean, the “Nationalists” like to say that World War One was fought “that the smallest nations might be the equal of the Great Powers”… or at least, that was the Propaganda spouted by “our” allies the British, French and Belgian Empires and the Emperor (Tsar) of Russia…. and in the States they were called the “Democracies”.

Perhaps the Imperial Propaganda Ministry would care to explain that away, and, really, “minister” Dobson and “minister” Haggard, in terms that people other than your Unthinking Drones would accept as logical.

Maybe the “Democracy” part is that the local peoples in the Non-Sovereign nations would be allowed to vote for the most convenient ways to serve the Empire.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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10 Responses to Well well well… the “foreign” word makes the Right Wing take notice.

  1. Avatar Nathan says:

    Your argument doesn’t hold water. On the one hand you say that the “Nationalists” bow to the almighty dollar and some how the nation will be bought out by corporations. As we’ve seen repeatedly, the people choose those who are to serve in office, not money.
    And, what is so wrong about corporations wanting to help steer the country? If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the whole idea of a stimulus package to boost the economy and promote active corporate growth? The unjustified victimization of the rich is a red-herring to the true problems that plague our nation. To imply that someone is greedy because they have money is simply false logic and is usually indicative of cynical perspective.
    Besides the fact that big business has always been the scapegoat of activism, haven’t special interest groups already been “buying” political power throughout past elections? Millions of dollars are funneled in from companies to organizations and from organizations to campaign coffers. I’m assuming since you’re against corporate contributions you’d also be against contributions from unions and groups such as ACORN, correct?

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Does ACORN have 5 Trillion dollars in Stolen Money laying around? I didn’t think so. Halliburton does.

    The UAE does. SOME corporate entities are obviously stuffing very large amounts of money into the pockets of those elected officials you speak so glowingly of.

    Dobson does. Haggard’s Former Church does. Fox “news” parent Corporation does. Blue Cross, Cygna, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, they stuff lots of money into political pockets.

    You don’t, I suppose, from your snotty Right WingNut comment about Unions, like the idea of Workers being able to collectively bargain for fair wages and working conditions?

    You would rather, I assume, see more injuries like a worker having his foot permanently damaged so that he can no longer work, and the Corporation responsible for it not have to pay a single dime. As happened to me.

    Go ahead, say it’s a lie. I can show you my Foot if you like. But I doubt you would bother to check it out, your Right Wing Leaders and Spokesfreaks say that it never happens, or that when it does happen the worker lives a life of luxury at the expense of the Poor, Abused Victimized Massive Wealthy Corporation.

    In short, you would lie. And like the majority of Right Wing LIARS you would be too physically and Morally Cowardly to check to see if it’s true or not.

    I know, you can’t really help it that your momma was too busy turning tricks for Crack to raise you any better. You could, however, grow a set.

    I just, you know, don’t believe you will.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Incidentally, Nathan, since I have first hand experience in how the Corporations “steer the country” and their extreme lack of Moral Character, I believe I’m much more qualified than you to comment on it.

    Go lick your Masters boots. Pig.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Hmmm… Moberly Missouri. Company Town. I would imagine that you’re not one of the union WORKERS who did the actual work to build the railroad or the Town or to maintain either one.

    Sounds like you sit behind a desk trying to rob the WORKERS who actually pay your bills. Typical.

  5. Avatar Nathan says:

    Well I can tell that none of you are into dialogue but the propagation of your bigotry. If one doesn’t think, speak, or act as you believe they should they’re portrayed as scum, pigs, desk-jockeys.

    I’m not going to go into a big explanation or enter into a debate because I know you’re more interested in slamming those who differ in opinion. Suffice it to say I’ve been a hard worker for UPS up until my recent move. I’ve paid my teamster dues and seen my dues funneled into the fists of greedy union bosses who don’t take the worker into consideration when they take hard-earned dues and cast them to the politicians like a teenie-bopper casting her panties to a boyband.

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The Corporations crashed the economy of America, more than just partly by starting a Corporate War for Corporate Profit, using Publicly Funded government resources, like the Army, the Police establishment, and taking away substantial liberties from the American people, not to mention the liberties of people in the nations which have been invaded and occupied.

    The Corporate Entities pollute, destroy and in general KILL the ecologies around the world, and in the case of Bhopal, the Union Carbide Corporation took away the right to life of the PEOPLE.

    That’s what happens when private enterprises are given unlimited powers. I pity you for your abject servitude to your corporate masters. Shit, boy, you live in a town founded by an embittered ex-slaver. Named for him too. The Corporate Plantations got a bunch of Dumbass Rednecks convinced that taking away slavery “confiscation of private property” would be Tyranny and convinced them to join in a war against the United States in which 300,000 United States soldiers were slaughtered and 180,000 Confederate Americans were also killed. That, too, is a good example of what happens when Corporations become the State.

    Before the war, the Corporate plantation and mill owners used the resources of their various States, including Missouri, to enforce keeping Liberty from individuals, meaning every PERSON trapped in slavery and forbidden, under pain of Death, to leave the custody of their Private Corporate Owners.

    That, too, is what happens when Corporations gain government powers, either directly or indirectly.

    The Supremacist Court decision to allow them direct control of the Government, unchallengeable control over the PEOPLE of America, is a lamentable case of 5 so-called “justices” grovelling to their corporate masters. The consequences for America and the entire world are going to be massive.

    It’s the return to Slavery that the Corporate Owners have been dreaming of since 1865.

    But, stay your course, Nathan. You might end up needing the extra calories from the corporate boot-polish clinging to your tongue.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    ps, no, I didn’t read your reply. I figure it’s probably as inane and filled with Corporate Propaganda as your first post. But thank you for your time.

    You stated in your first post, quite eloquently, the Corporate attitude that the Rich are so very much better than Others that they have a right, indeed, a DUTY, to run our affairs for us.

    That ought to play really well at your Tea-Parties.

    And your words and your beliefs, so clearly stated, will make it that much harder for your Corporate Masters to deny their agenda, and what that agenda means for America.

    For that, Thank You! Heartily.

    My remarks about the Dupes who made up the Confederate Enlisted Ranks include my ancestors, I’m not proud of their actions, couldn’t possibly be.

    Those of us whose ancestors fought and Killed Americans in order to keep Americans in slavery have much the same moral dilemma that the German and Austrian people have in dealing with what their ancestors and even living relatives have done.

  8. Avatar MrPete says:

    What the article misses is that foreign money in US campaigns is completely illegal already. Not that the current administration cares.
    My Indian friend who is legally here on a work visa cannot contribute to any campaign (fed, state, local). That’s been prohibited since 1966 [http://slate.msn.com/id/2102724/]
    Why aren’t you up in arms over the sleazy campaign practices in 2008, which purposely disabled credit card protections, allowing worldwide contributions from anonymous donors?

    A “corporation” is simply a community that acts-as-one in certain ways. When a community is arm-twisted into contributing, does it really matter whether the money comes a bunch of individuals who drop their money in the bucket while the gun is held to their heads… or from the robber after they turn over the cash? The former is “individual” contributions while the latter is “corporate.”

  9. Actually, it’s foreign INDIVIDUALS, real People, who are forbidden to donate. Not that the prior administrations cared about that. Corporate donations, limited though they were, are filtered through the Corporation.

    There’s no litmus test as to what ratio of Citizens/Non-Citizens own stocks in the Corporations.

    Would Halliburton, Richard “The Dick” Cheney’s Private Kingdom, have been forbidden to donate anything, even though the vast majority of its holdings are offshore?

    Is there any limit on the amount of Saudi or Kuwaiti petro-dollars that flow into the pockets of legislators and executive branch and JUDGES when decisions are about to be made concerning their Corporate Treasuries?

    There’s certainly not now. The Super Rich have now been given, according to SCOTUS, free reign to do whatever the hell they want with any regulatory bodies.

    Don’t want to pay Union members or anybody else a fair wage in a safe work environment? Simply CRUSH them. Using a modification of the same Police State tools the Corporations have always used, when the Workers (the ones who create the Wealth) demand a fair wage, simply have their representatives imprisoned or murdered.

    The Corporations ALREADY do that, why not make it official policy?

    Their Supreme Scum Puppets just legalized it.

    The Large Corporate Thieves get to BUY the Dictatorship they already have in place. Get to BUY official condemnation and suppression of any resistance.

    Rather than having to pay their Pig Enforcers under the table.

    I wonder how many of the Anti-Union activists would go one-on-one with a Worker, tell him to his face that he’s “inferior” and doesn’t deserve equal protection under the law?

    George Will? Buckley? Rush? Hannity?

    Not a God-Damned one of them. They’re too chickenshit. They’ll do it with a crowd of paid protectors around them.

    Then go home and brag about the victory while they’re raping their moms.

  10. You know, the same way they treat Foreign workers in the nations where the constitutions thereof were written at gunpoint to give Corporations the status of Super-citizenship.

    If the workers in Guatemala or El Salvador get “uppity”, send in the U.S. Marines, have the Marines kill a few of their babies. That’ll get ’em back in line.

    They’ve done it during American labor negotiations too.

    It’s the reason the Ohio National Guard had bullets in their rifles when the Chickenshit Assholes murdered unarmed students at Kent State, because the students were protesting the War Contractor Corporations who were using PUBLIC money for perfecting their Murder Technology at the college.

    The National Guard Thugs had the bullets in their Machine Guns because they had just come from Enforcing for their Corporate Masters at a truckers strike.

    They were gonna kill them some Americans, if they couldn’t get the Teamsters they were gonna kill them some College Kids.

    Besides, the kids were going to graduate and then not want to go to VietNam and murder them some VietNamese Babies on behalf of the Corporate Masters.

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