Well well well WellPoint…

My my my… WellPoint Inc, Health Insurance company, is raising its rates by 39% –Nothing to see here, citizen, keep moving, nothing to see here. The Tea Baggers will insist that it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Insurance has been deregulated and the deregulation is not all but set in stone, with their defeat of Americans’ Health Care. Which the insist will not lead to more health care cost increases, more denials by Health Insurance providers and more deaths of Americans due to lack of adequate basic health care. (Tut-ankh-amen died from a toothache, but dental care isn’t considered essential… right)

No, the Invisible Hand of the Free Market will regulate the Corporations, thus they’ll either start being honest or go out of business. Nothing to see, citizen, keep moving, nothing at all to see here…

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    by the by, that’s the parent corporation of Blue Cross. They posted a multi-billion dollar profit, mostly by cutting off any “high risk” people they had insured, but are still jacking up the prices more than a third. Inflation didn’t go up that way. Not for the rich anyway. McMansions, yachts, luxury cars, the prices are kind of flat or falling because there aren’t as many rich anymore.

    The Cost of Living Allowance actually went DOWN, the seniors they’re attempting to jack with this rate increase, got LESS money on their social security checks.

    ANNNNDDD… that’s An Other Issue.
    They’re putting out Medicare Supplement Insurance. Promising all the world in the way of health care. Remember, they posted such a huge profit by kicking paying customers off Because They Actually Needed The Health Care.

    Like elderly people aren’t going to Need Health Care… hmmm…

    You remember that Death Panel shit the Insurance SpokesDupes at the Tea Party (I’m being generous and saying they were stupid rather than dishonest… they ought to thank me) tried to project on us?

    Knowing full well that the Insurance companies have been practicing Economic Euthanasia for decades. Real Euthanasia, directly administered, wouldn’t be very much morally superior. The only edge it has is that it’s honest and quick.

    ANNNNDDD… that’s the biggest supply of ready cash left in America, the Social Security fund. The only reason it has any money left is that the Privatize Everything Movement hasn’t been allowed to grab it. Otherwise it would have gone to buy hyper-inflated mortgages-disguised-as-cash, right along with the private supplies of cash and every Public Source they could get their hooks into.

    Everybody over the age of 50 is getting at least twice a month a huge package from Blue Cross/Blue Shield telling us how wonderful their service is and how they’ll really take care of us honestly. They make it sound so wonderful that you get tears in your eyes, get all choked up, a lump in your throat, your heart racing…

    It’s a natural reaction to the stench of Bullshit.

    Making a big grab for whatever they haven’t stolen yet.

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