What a Waste…

Ok, so that’s bad… but the story is worse. Seems the “feces is the creek water” Scare Tactic used by the Anti-Camping Ordinance Terrorists … well, it has some very bad holes in it. Like, KOAA News just reported (I LOVE it when the Right Wing eat their own!) people picking up their poodles pooples and bagging them up, as per the LAW, are dumping them into the nearest storm drains.
Out of sight, out of mind, and into our drinking water.

Oh, and how many of these Law Abiding Citizens are HomeFull, (as opposed to Housing Challenged)?
The way they finally figured it out (Like DUH! is they keep clearing out clogged storm drains with the little Doggie Doo Disposal Baggies being a major component of the clogs.
Just a quick reminder, there’s certain bacteria in the droppings of predatory animals, which are normal in their digestive tracts. Because unlike cattle, horses, rabbits, mice, etc … they’re meat eaters. These bacteria, including the Salmonella strains, are specially tailored to break down MEAT. Of which WE and all other animals are made. It’s just logical to Ass U and Me that these bacteria might just be a little tiny eensy weensy tiny small minuscule “microscopic” bit POISONOUS.

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2 Responses to What a Waste…

  1. Coincidentally, the amounts of bacteria finding their way into the water supply are FAR higher than can be accounted for counting the High Number quoted of about 300 Homeless PEOPLE and fewer than a hundred dogs. Like a hundred times higher.

    Thank God and the Minerals Extraction Industry for the horrific levels of Arsenic and Sodium Cyanide in Fountain Creek, they’ll kill off some of the bacteria , and who know how bad it would be if these natural sterilizing poisons weren’t killing off the Fecal Bacteria?

    Of course they’ll kill off US as well, but who cares? Certainly not the Rich Land Merchants and their partners in the Mineral Extraction industries who make money from poisoning us and then blaming it on the homeless PEOPLE.

  2. Avatar pcmulkey says:

    The news reports the most clogs are occurring in Mtn Shadows and Broadmoor Valley areas. As reported 2 of our most affluent residential areas. Can’t pin this one on the homeless.

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