What if “Jihad Jane” doesn’t exist?

What if the Right Wing Mob are being spoon-fed Bullshit AGAIN only this time, instead of non-existent WMDs in Iraq, an equally non-existent Domestic Terror Network in America?

One of the New World Order mouthpiece organizations, Associated Press, in their propaganda headline says “Jihadi Janes are living ‘normal’ suburuban lives” so, surprise, the Global War OF Terror is focused on Americans who don’t buy the Government Bullshit and say so.

DHS and other Totalitarian Groups like the Pentagon have a motive, to suppress any dissent against them being on the Tax-fed Gravy Train with an Endless war, they have the means, they can easily hire actors to take the role of a “Captured American Terrorist” who either denounces the Enemies of Big Brother or Loudly Proclaims Allegiance to bin Laden before being led out the door of the courtroom, but somehow, never into a prison cell.

So, what will the PIGS do next, send Drones to assassinate Americans in America? Oh, yeah, they already do. Only the Drones aren’t Mechanical, they’re the Cops and their Civilian Accomplices.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to What if “Jihad Jane” doesn’t exist?

  1. Avatar Nonie Darwish says:

    Drones are not the cause of jihaad.
    Jihaad is rooted in Islamic ideology whose foundation is jihaad, a Muslim duty to murder the non-Muslim in Islamic conquest.

    Bin Ladin attacked the World Trade Center in 1993, well before the US’s presence in either Iraq or Afghanistan. His reason? The collapse of the Ottoman Empire nearly 100 years ago in World War I.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, whatever. Since the collapse of the towers gave George Bush and his Oil and Banking Company Thieves the excuse they needed to attack Iraq and Afghanistan, something they had planned since 1993 OPENLY in a long running statement by mostly Bush (family) confidantes called the Project where they predicted they could blame any terror attack on Iraq, take over Iraq in a cakewalk, and Afghanistan, use the bases they would then have (do have) to threaten Inan, and any other OPEC nation, simply by having the oilfields within an hours striking distance from one or more United Corporate States AFBs.

    The bin Laden family does extremely well from the collapse of the Ottomans. So does every other Royal family in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The people, now, they have a little bit more difficulty. Which is why three very strategically placed Royal families, set up and maintained by the United States and Britain, (like the Israeli government) were chased out of power by Popular Uprisings. Against the wishes of the U.S. of course. Faisal and Pahlavi were reinstated once apiece by the U.S. government.

    The “king” of Afghanistan, that royal house hasn’t been put back, although there were offers from the Reagan government once the Taliban took over, after the Soviets ran their empire broke the same way OUR empire is being run broke. He would have been a U.S. puppet though, just like Malawi and Karzai and Bibi are.

    So, why would 19 mostly wealthy young men, educated, prosperous and led by another educated and prosperous not-so-young man, want to avenge their acquisition of personal wealth due to the fall of the Ottoman Empire?

    Unless you’ve forgotten, the Arabs fought Against the Ottomans.

    In case you’re wanting to twist that to be anti-Jewish and anti-Christian, the “christian” Crusaders also fought against the Turks, and the Arabs, but mostly against other Christians and of course every Jew they met, even in Jerusalem and Akra.

    Richard Couer-de-Leon, for instance, Mighty Crusader King and War Criminal extraordinaire, managed to piss off everybody in his path. His forces cut a bloody swath, but most of their victims were Christians. Murdered Arab, Turk and JEWISH civilians in Akra and Jerusalem. Got kidnapped and held for ransom, twice, and the second time killed, Prince John figured the second time that it would be cheaper for him to assume the Throne than rescue his screwed up Murderous brother again.

    Another who also fought against tho Turks, Vlad Dracula.
    The royal families of Europe, proof that Pond Scum rises to the top just as easily and more often than cream does, and their American counterparts are right now trying to portray him as “misunderstood” and a hero.

    Kind of hard to to when even his friends gave him the surname “The Impaler”.
    He, too, in the name of Christ, Killed more Christians and of course Jews than he did Muslims, yet his legend is as a defender against the Turk.

    By the way, the Jerusalem and Akra murder sprees committed by King Richard and others of his bloodthirsty ilk, those have a LOT to do with Arab anger against the British. Also the way the British treated everybody in their Mandates, in India, now split into four different nations, in Iraq, in Palestine… That kind of pisses people off too. They didn’t give all their wrath to the Jewish Resistance in Palestine either, they spread it around freely.

    You’ve no doubt heard the quotation from Josephus about Herod the Younger, that he tried to emulate his father so closely that he would “out Herod Herod”

    While it would be difficult in the few short decades the British ran the Arabian peninsula to “out Turk” the Ottomans, they gave it a mighty shot.

    By the way, there were no Iraqis, no Afghans, no Iranians at all in the list of those who supposedly offed the World Trade Center.

    No Turks either, one would expect that people avenging the fall of the Ottomans would have quite a large number of Turks in their midst, right?

    Oh, and speaking of Agents Provocateurs… http://notmytribe.com/2010/update-on-times-square-poseur-smile-for-the-camera-816546.html I’ll fix the link later.

  3. Avatar Nonie Darwish says:

    You have no insight into Islam nor radical Islam.

    The roots of radical Islam formed back in the 7th century with the advent of Islam and grew in Islamic source materials, such as the Quran and the Hadith, which explicitly call for jihaad against non-Muslims and the establishment of global rule with a Muslim caliphate.

    The noted Islamic scholar Sayyid Qutb, widely viewed as the spiritual godfather of contemporary radical Islam, first began lashing out against America in the 1950s and 1960s, based on his visit to the US in the late 1940s, well before the US foreign policy even supported Israel.

    If the US had absolutely no presence in the Middle East, jihaadists would still be targeting America and the West for terrorist reprisals based on Islamic scripture ordering such actions.

  4. Avatar Nonie Darwish says:

    “Unless you’ve forgotten, the Arabs fought Against the Ottomans”

    You either have forgotten or never knew in the first place that the Ottoman Arabs did not fight against the Ottoman Turks. The Sharif of Mecca, originating from the Hijaz (Arabia), fought against the Ottomans for his own imperialist motives.

    However, it is ahistorical to suggest Ottoman Arabs fought against 400 years of Turkish rule. In fact, many Arabs identified as Ottoman nationals.

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