What OTHER Databases are affected by FBI misuse?

The “age progression” technology they supposedly used to publish the picture of Osama bin Laden on their “Ten Most Wanted” list turned out to be a complete fake face or Face Fake. They used the picture of a Spanish politician and digitally altered that. Didn’t even START with one of the “known” images of OBL. That taints every case prosecuted using the same database and the same software.
For all anybody can tell from that one case, the pictures they had of “Osama bin Laden” might just as easily be forgeries. It helps when building an unstoppable Boogie-man if you don’t give it the face of an actual human, right?

What of other Identification Technologies, touted in the same manner by the same perpetrators of THAT fraud as being “absolutely foolproof”? DNA, the fingerprint Database, the Biometric Database, voice prints?
It helps to remember, too, that the leaders of this use of hi-tech “Identification” technology were and still are harshly critical of the VolksRepublik Deutschland, East Germany, using a lower-tech and much smaller database to keep track of German citizens. A “scent” file where they could pull a persons file, with a sample of hair or cloth or a restaurant napkin the person had touched, to be used by the dogs to locate and identify fugitives.

Then there’s MORE databases, phone records, ISP records off the net, Street Contact Cards, (where the cop fills out data on you even if you don’t actually get charged with anything or if you’re asking directions or whatever… rule: if a cop ever asked your name, you’re in the database) (but it’s only the Communist versions of these databases that are “human rights violations”)
Bank Records, Social Security, Medicaid, (the “Private” Medical Insurance databases were compromised from the beginning, so don’t any of y’all TeaBags go to gettin’ smug about anything)

What exactly would real database evidence be, what value does the patched together jumble of fakes have? How many people are rotting in prisons or actually killed based on identification made from these fraudulent Databases?

I’m sure the maintainers of those databases have a database on that as well. Equally false.

Lies within lies.

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