And Teabaggers are pushing a ballot measure to allow MORE school guns

In a state that has the most Infamous School Shooting on our Columbine record. A science lab got shot up at University of Alabama – Huntsville. 3 dead. The “More Firepower Is Better” crowd are going to say that if more students had guns, it wouldn’t have happened. Maybe if the people who make money off wars, selling guns, that sort of thing, would stop making 2 hour commercials disguised as Action Movies promoting the notion that Guns Make You Strong.

Have a more positive way of telling the kids exactly this, Guns Don’t Make a Coward Into A Brave Man. They make him into an Armed Coward. Nothing more.

Putting more guns into the hands of more cowards will make it where more thieves will have more opportunities to steal those guns, and use them to commit crimes.

The Gun Lobby will most likely come off with a few anecdotes about people defending themselves with firearms. And ignore the huge problem of Stolen Guns. And the bigger problem of people using those stolen guns to KILL people. They’ll also not mention that more shootings that occur in the home aren’t shooting armed strangers doing a home invasion, they’re either accidental or heat-of-sudden-passion killings of the people nearest and dearest to the gun owners. Far More Often. Shootings done in self defense are so rare that the only people who break out the stories of them happening are people who have a vested interest in Selling More Guns. Or hoarding guns, because they believe that a gun will make them such Supreme Bad-Asses that they’ll be safer.

Like the three Human beings whose lives were snuffed at Alabama – Huntsville.

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I should point out that the variance being pushed for allowing concealed carry on campus is about the College campus in Pueblo. Doesn’t much matter, because if it goes through, the wannabee badasses will have guns on campuses everywhere.

    In Colorado at least.

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