Who decided Ghurkas make good peacekeepers?

So the Haitian cholera outbreak is being investigated by the U.N. and the suspect so far is a Nepalese “peacekeeping” base with sewage issues, in a blunt and literal sense.
This is the device they’re most famous for perfecting and using.
It’s a machete, really, with the bent-forward blade, which can cut through bamboo, Mother Nature’s own Structural Tubing. Modify the use without modifying the tool and you have an efficient slash knife that can take off a human head with one slash. No mean feat there.

They’ve a reputation for fierceness in battle. Very warlike when they feel the need and really PEACE anything doesn’t leap to mind when thinking about these dudes. But, they’re part of the U.N. mission.
Which is only a side issue, the U.N. itself is supposedly in charge of facility maintenance and that would include the plumbing. So the shit gets dumped, really, back into the U.N.s front parlor. They own the shit.

Meanwhile, back at Southeast Asia, there was yet another volcanic eruption and tsunami. There’s of course no funds for fixing the massive human needs there simply because A Certain Unnameable Society is simultaneously plundering and destroying the resources of the entire world including any funding for humanitarian needs.

Too busy meeting the InHumanitarian Needs, I suppose. Oh, and the Koalition of the Killing forces employ Ghurkas to do that too.

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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6 Responses to Who decided Ghurkas make good peacekeepers?

  1. The knife itself is ubiquitous in Southeast Asia, really the rest of the world. Not as the construction tool it once was, but for the more hostile bit about Destruction.

  2. Avatar Hein says:

    The blade is most popularly called a “kukri”. My buddy has one made of old tool steel, and I have used it to hack medium sized oak branches for firewood, and could never see a difference in the blade afterwards. Good tool.

  3. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Demonstrators in Haiti are now demanding that the UN get out of Haiti and hold the UN responsible for Nepalese UN troops bringing in cholera from their own country where similarly it has been a major health threat untreated well by the UN!


    So why are UN troops being sent from a country that has major problems of its own with health and national security? Can’t the US controlled UN forces ‘rent’ their Pentagon directed soldiers from better places than this?

    The cholera epidemic in Nepal started back in 2007 and evidently continues to rage in that country, and now, of course, in Haiti too, where it has already helped to kill over 1,000 people. See below for Nepal news on its 2007 situation with cholera.


  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, I was kind of hoping that the full intended message wouldn’t get lost but the first comment was on the kukri.
    To clarify it for our readers, some of whom care about Haiti and by extension everybody else in the world, the biggest part the UN and the IMF and World Bank are willing to pay and willing to play is “peacekeepers”. Which is an awful bad Orwellian term for “occupation forces”. The Ghurkas in particular are Famous for being elite warriors and not for anything at all regarding “peace”. It was just a coincidence that their underfunded UN compound failed and dumped cholera into the water. Literally shat upon the Haitian people. The people the UN and IMF war-lords insist are so ignorant and mob like that they need to be controlled by external occupying armed forces.

    I dropped $20 on Medicins sans frontiers, wish I had more immediately to give. Mainly the first words I had ever heard about M.S.F. was right wing propaganda denouncing them, that kind of got my “big curious” going.

    Incidentally, Pilarerecto is the Tony who wrote a very excellent commentary on how bad things were getting in Haiti long before the earthquake. A lot of his sources were directly from or connected to M.S.F. and some people accused him of recycling pictures from previous famines and epidemics notably those in Ethiopia and Somalia. Not so.

    Don’t let him fool you none, folks, Tony actually still does give a damn, and then gives an extra damn to make up for those who don’t.

    If you consider giving to Haiti relief, go with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

    If you have any questions about your donation you can contact Donor Services at donations@newyork.msf.org or (212) 763-5779.

    which is the U.S. branch.

  5. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Hey, I appreciate this generous comment of yours, Jonah. It was very decent of you, too, since we have been sparring now for so long.

    ‘Don’t let him fool you none, folks, Tony actually still does give a damn, and then gives an extra damn to make up for those who don’t.’

    Yes, it’s true. We do have our own different opinions about the character of the Democrats and ‘lesser of two evil’ voting and some other issues, too, but I also respect your own sincerity and opposition to Establishment brutality, Jonah. Seems like a good time to let you know that.

    Even when we disagree among ourselves, we can grow and learn from it and not just totally see things in a completely negative light. Jonah understands that well, perhaps much much better than most of us do, and better than I at times seem to shown. It’s a good trait to have.
    Best wishes, Jonah.

  6. Avatar Brittaney Granholm says:

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