Why a centipede is called a centipede.

Or a millipede a millipede.
It’s because most people are too lazy to count beyond 38. I stopped counting how many times the Right Wing Retards have called us “Retards” for pointing out basic facts, like: George Bush, the source of their information on the War On Terror, and his Retarded Henchmen, have been consistently wrong, so often that they’re either a) lying to you or b)God-damned retarded.
Yet the Retards who willingly believe every Retarded Lie that the Right Wing has fed them, especially on the subject of the War, get all upset and huffy and pout and whimper and wet their pants if they’re called Retards. Or ChickenHawks. Or whatever.

It’s not our fault that you can’t or won’t see the fact that you’ve been lied to you. We haven’t been keeping it any kind of a secret that you’ve been lied to. So either you accept the dubious honor of being Not Guilty by Reason of Stupidity or, you’re a deliberate liar yourself. Which would the Right Wing prefer, now?

The left wing “retards” you describe by those exact terms, we’re not the ones who lied to start two wars. We didn’t tell you that there were a million pounds of Nerve Gas in Iraq. Your Leaders did.

We, the Left Wing, actually have spent the past 8 years in a semi-organized effort, involving hundreds of dollars and Billions of people around the world, educating you in the fact that your Stupid Beliefs in the lies told to you by YOUR leaders were, in fact, Stupid. Instead of listening, taking much advantage of that (from your point of view) Free Educational Material, you stuck your fingers in your ears and said things that make

Nanny, nanny
boo boo
stick your head
in Doo-doo

look positively scholarly by comparison.

Now your Leaders are telling you the same LIES regarding their so-called “War on Terror” and you’re eating it up and asking for “more,please”.

I could, easily, run a scan on the site looking for every instance of the word “retard” in any form, I personally stopped counting after (just not on this exact site) 9/12/01 early in the day, when the use of the word “retarded” to describe Left Wingers who didn’t buy George Bush’s LIES reached into the thousands.

But doing that, and showing you RETARDS actual proof of y’all dishing out the insults you so freely whine and snivel about when they’re directed back at you… but it would be futility.

The WMD lies were demonstrated beyond any but the most Retarded Doubts to be false claims, before the invasion started.

Did the Retards listen? No.

They chose instead to break out the “retard” insults, also “lefty loon”, “moonbat” and “liberal bedwetters”

When the New York Times ran a half page ad for MoveOn.org stating that Generally Betray-us was Lying, the Right Wing Retards spent several days screaming their OUTRAGE! on DumFox Noose about a Brave, Noble Hero being insulted. And the New York Times giving the exact same deal on the price of the ad that they had given to Betray-us already. There was also an infiltration, on video, where a MoveOn member, prominently stating that he was filming a documentary, walked into a College Republicans meeting and got several boastful statements from the College Republicans that they believed in the war, but that the “lower class” should be the ones to fight it, they personally had Better Things to do. They were justifiably described as Whiney ChickenHawks.

So to prove that they were, indeed, Whiney ChickenHawks, Fox News had another 3 day OUTRAGE! segment claiming that it was an Ad Hominem attack to call a chickenhawk a chickenhawk, AND whining about the MoveOn reporter “entrapment’ of the Whiney-ass ChickenHawks.

And persecution.

Nay,verily, it would be futile to trot out the huge mass of evidence against them, demonstrating that they whine, they snivel, they insult, call names, whatever, and then whine about being “persecuted” if somebody calls THEM names.

Professional Victims.

It would be pointless, because they stop counting after 38 and say “the thing has a thousand legs!”

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