Why Palin?

To point out what was written shortly after the election, why did McCain choose Palin? Simple. The right wing know and knew that they personally would have no way to make an economic recovery happen, so they threw the election.

They’re betting that the recovery will be so slow and that they can blame it so thoroughly on Democrats that they would be “welcomed as liberators, with flowers and candy” in the 2012 election.

They’re betting on America to lose. So that they can get ironclad political gain. Some “Patriotism” there.

Spot of tea, then, luv?

Many comments from the Freepers hoping that America fails and does it so badly and harshly that it will drive America back to the same “free” market philosophy which has dragged America and the entire world economy down.

In case anybody was wondering where that’s sourced. The freeper comments were so rabid and reactionary they almost sounded like Agents-provocateurs for the Farthest Left.
One comment was that 5% of the American populace being lost to outright famine would be acceptable if it caused a Permanent Republican Majority. That’s 15,000,000 (FIFTEEN MILLION) Americans the jackass wants to kill just to get into political power. The “regulars” on the Freeper boards must agree with that, since there’s a thunderous silence on the Right actually, you know, condemning that kind of stupid shit.

Nor was there any condemnation from the Right when Glenn Beck hosted one of his fellow Fascist Freaks who echoed the sentiment, that he hoped there would be two nuclear terror attacks on American cities, again for the purpose of their Masters regaining full control. That the American People would beg Cheney and Rove to be our Dictators for Life.

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