Why people shoot Cops, just in time for “Police Memorial Day”

You know, if the cops want to convict you of something quick and dirty, without having to prove anything, they have a few tools. Like “disorderly conduct” or “public intoxication”. If you object, they can and often do have three PIGS hold you down while a fourth stomps on your head. Then charge you with resisting arrest.
Like the Euless Police Department did three weeks ago to Albert Nicolas, age 36.
When his family came to arrange his bail, noticed how badly injured he was, (a Major Concussion, which is a bruise on the brain, and a couple of minor ones) and requested that the PIGS should take him to the Emergency Room, the PIGS not very politely sneered that they didn’t have to, their Jail Nurse had “determined his injuries weren’t life threatening” (they were).

If Albert had not gotten bailed out and rushed to the E.R. by his bondsman, he would have DIED from the injuries. The PIGS, who get sexually aroused from any form of exercising power over Other People, probably would have tasered him as he was dying in convulsions, saying he was “acting out”. The Jail Nurse and the Coroner, both of them sworn deputized PIGS who do anything their fellow PIGS say to do, including Lie Under Oath, would have sworn that he had banged his head himself.

The Moronic “Back The Badge” PIG-Loving political COWARDS (here’s looking at you, Patch!) would believe everything the PIGS said and that would be the end of it.
Until somebody who actually cared cornered one of the PIG motherfuckers (and yeah, I’ll be called a “potty mouth” for that) and put a .45 slug between his piggy little eyes and out the back of his piggy little skull.
Then the PIG’s Sow and Piglets would be interviewed on TV boo-hooing and promoting the fiction that the PIG was actually an honorable and courageous man, kind to everybody (except to bound or handcuffed prisoners he stomped to death) and How Could Somebody Do That To Daddy? Well, Piglets, your daddy was a Power Tripping PERVERT who masturbated to the pain and suffering of Real Men. Truth hurts, yes? Tough. Your daddy got exactly what he and his PIG organization dish out. Get over it.
Call me a potty mouth for putting it like that, but hey, my nephew almost lost his life due to PIG arrogance.

Happy Pig Memorial Day, punks.

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